Sausage Party Logo

One day, Mike was watching a Paul and Storm concert. While the comedy-centric duo played their song “Sausage Party,” Mike had an idea for a silly but highly addictive game. It’s a very different kind of party puzzle game, where you’re trying to build the best sausages while your opponents get all up in your grill.

In Paul and Storm’s Sausage Party, each player takes a deck and proceeds to grill as many dogs as possible. The object is to get as many of the same kind of sausage as you can on the grill, and then into a bun and in the score pile. But don’t overstuff your buns! Put too many of the same sausage on a grill or allow your opponent to add too many sausages to your grill, and you’ll either have to bun it and lose points or put all those sausages in the trash.

Sausage Party is great for parties, game nights with the family, or a quick break from the toils of the day. Check out the video below to see the game in animated action, set to the tune of Sausage Party by Paul and Storm from LearningTown!

Play Time

5 Minutes

Player Count

2 - 4