Mindspaces is a unique puzzle and essay book by Mike Selinker, focused on the fusion of creativity and mental health. It contains 111 marching bands crossword variants that Mike created as an exercise in therapy, along with his reflections on how to be creative even when your mind is telling you that you can’t. If you’d like help harnessing your creative power under pressure, or just want some puzzles, Mindspaces might be for you.

The essays

Each section is preceded by a multipage piece on the challenges of creativity under pressure. Arranged in puzzle grids, these essays tackle the hard practice of making art when your brain works against you. Everybody’s got a different approach to that. Mike talks about how his process works, with an eye toward helping you forge a process that works for you. If you or someone you know struggles with making art while life stands in the way, these might help.

The puzzles

The book contains 111 marching bands puzzles. A marching bands is a crossword where the words read in four directions—right, down, left, and up—in a series of concentric bands. The normal size for these puzzles is 13×13, but these get a lot bigger. The puzzles range from 7×7 to a whopping 23×23. Here are some examples.

We hope this combination of puzzles and words is right for you or someone you know. If you’d like to see what Mindspaces is about, click these buttons.