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The Maze of Games is a full-length puzzle novel with over 100 puzzles and a deeply engaging story, all woven together in a “solve your own adventure” style which will keep you jumping from page to page. The main characters are teenagers Colleen and Samuel Quaice, who live in England in the year 1897. During a visit to the Upper Wolverhampton Library, they discover a musty book called The Maze of Games. This summons a mysterious skeletal guardian named the Gatekeeper, who plunges them into a series of dangerous mazes rife with monsters and bizarre puzzles. Only by solving their way through the mazes will the Quaice children find their way home. Also available as an electronic book for Puzzazz, two audiobooks narrated by Wil Wheaton, and a soundtrack by Austin Wintory.

In addition, there is a special bonus booklet called The Theseus Guide to the Final Maze, a new chapter that you’ll want if you’re hoping to crack that final challenge.