The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game is the next evolution of the gameplay from two games we helped create: the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Betrayal at House on the Hill. It can be run as a fully cooperative adventure card game solo or in a group, or a guide can take over and expand it into a full-blown roleplaying game. It’s designed by the team at Lone Shark Games, with card text by authors like Jerry Holkins, Kij Johnson, Kris Straub, and Patrick Rothfuss. Set on the precipice of a modern day apocalypse, Apocrypha is an hour-long game that immerses 1 to 6 players in a conflict with the most dangerous entities in the universe. Players play “saints,” characters who can see the hidden monsters lurking in every alley and school lunch room. These characters grow through sessions of gameplay, unlocking repressed memory fragments that expand their powers and capabilities. Apocrypha is the game that will change the way you look at the world, and the way the world looks back at you.

The game comes in three boxes: The World base set and two expansions, The Flesh and The Devil. All three games will be fully compatible, yet show off different styles of gameplay. Join us for an epic storytelling journey.

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This is the rulebook from The World base set.

This PDF contains the full deck list of all cards in the Enter Here deck. Warning: Contains spoilers.

This is a list of all the cards and other components in The World, plus all released promo cards.

This PDF contains 27 versions of the promo card Contract Poison. Each can be used if you have a signature from one of the creatives on your copy of the card. It uses the cost “Contract,” which means that you may slot it and use its “while contracted” power, but must sacrifice it from your halo at the end of the mission.


Part 1 of the Enter Here video focuses on setup. DO NOT SHUFFLE.

Apocrypha Box