All the Apocrypha in Our Heads Can Now Be in Yours

There was a time when we set out to write a horror game called Apocrypha. Along the way, I realized that I couldn’t scare you with what was in my head. I could only scare you with what was in yours. Now that its final chapters are shipping to our…

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Happy Halloween from Lone Shark!

Happy Halloween from Lone Shark! Happy Halloween from your friends at Lone Shark! For this most hallowed of holidays, we've put the following temporal mutation up on our Apocrypha ℵ1 Companion App, which is available for free on iTunes, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store. If you haven't downloaded the app, we encourage…

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The Maze of Games Escape Room previews at PAX West

Hey, Maze of Games fans! We've got a big announcement for you. In the Kickstarter campaign for the Maze of Games audiobook, we came up with the idea for a "live show" that would be built around The Maze of Games. Things morphed and developed over time, and now we've…

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Welcome to Day Zero

It's August 17, and the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game has launched. The World is now in the hands of nearly all of its US backers, and heading toward its non-US backers. We think it's time to say something that we've been waiting to tell you for a while. Day Zero is here. Day Zero…

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“Worlds” in flight

Apocrypha: The World is on the way to backers This is an actual copy of Apocrypha's The World base set. Thousands of copies have shown up at our fulfillment sites around the world, and are now in the process of shipping to backers. We've designated August 17 as The World's launch…

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