TanTrump: The Kickstarter Impeachment Edition Is Live

Announcing a New Game from Basket of Adorables: TanTrump We’re excited to announce TanTrump, a new “protest game” from our political action sister company, Basket of Adorables! Presidential Games—a wholly owned subsidiary of Basket of Adorables—is running this Kickstarter campaign for TanTrump: Impeachment Edition—from

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Lone Shark Games’ Statement About Kickstarter

Hi there. We’re Lone Shark Games. You may know us from the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and our work on Betrayal at House on the Hill, or our self-published creations The Maze of Games, the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game, Puzzlecraft, The Ninth World, and Thornwatch. Those last

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Huge August Frenzy!

Closing Out The Summer With a Bang! We’ve had an exciting and eventful last few months. We finished fulfillment on the Maze of Games Omnibus Kickstarter, launched a Puzzlecraft Kickstarter and a Humble Puzzle Bundle, and continued work on Hyde

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New Humblestarter Kickbundle!

This month brings us our first ever (and possibly only) KickHumbleStarterBundle! That’s a mouthful, but we promise, it’s worth it. Following Kickstarter's request to break Kickstarter, we combined three of our favorite things—Kickstarter, Humble Bundle, and puzzles. And man, look
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New Puzzlepacks by Mike Selinker

You may have seen the recent news that after 15 years, our founder Mike Selinker stepped down as president to focus on the creation of more fun stuff for Lone Shark. As part of that, Mike has been working on
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Announcing our next big game, Hyde Society!

We're extremely excited to announce the tentatively named Hyde Society, our next big game. Lone Shark Games is working side by side with Stoneblade Entertainment (creators of Ascension and other great titles) to bring you a fantastical game set in the Victorian
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