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Happy National Puzzle Day!

It's National Puzzle Day! We here at Lone Shark Games pride ourselves on making high-caliber puzzles, and we're happy to take a day to shower some affection on them. If you're the kind of person who likes puzzles, check out the Puzzle Day Frenzy below! And then you'll see some…

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Here’s everything that’s $20.20 or less in our store

A couple weeks ago, we launched The 2020 Hindsight Sale. For the next three weeks, everything in our store is now available for $20.20 or less. This email will introduce you to everything that's on sale for $20.20 or less, which is everything. But first, we want to let you know about…

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The Last Days of Apocrypha and Our 2020 Hindsight Sale

Apocrypha's Last Days and a 2020 Hindsight Sale A big day is coming for us at Lone Shark, a day we've been planning for a while. As you may know, our epic modern-day horror-fantasy game is the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game. It's been consistently our best seller as it has…

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Introducing Shark.Vote, a gamer’s election website

Introducing Shark.Vote, a gamer's election website It's a little more than a month until a bonkers-critical Election Day here in the United States. So today we've unveiled our new gamer-focused election site, It's got a way people in the U.S. can get a copy of our new edition of Game Theory in…

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It’s time for PAX! That means a Thornwatch special!

It’s time for PAX! That means a Thornwatch special! We're excited to be right in the middle of the massive NINE-DAY celebration that is PAX Online! We want to tell you about a couple of fun puzzle panels coming up (including one TONIGHT!) and also get you a chance to…

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The Maze Of Games Is Back!

The Maze of Games is back! The Maze of Games, our popular interactive puzzle novel, is finally back with an updated edition! We've reprinted the hardback book, The Theseus Guide to the Final Maze, The Keymaster's Tome, and the Maze Map. All of these updated editions are found in The Keymaster's Bundle, a $137.95 value for…

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