Deep in the Eyrewood, dark creatures would spread their corruption to the people of the forest. Thankfully, the citizens are protected by three forces: the Lookouts, a cadre of children trained to defend; the Daughters, powerful guardians who marshal natural forces; and the Thornwatch, stalwart spirits who come to help when a knot is tied in a tree. These are the heroes of Eyrewood Adventures, a three-game collaboration from Lone Shark Games and Penny Arcade. The first of these hybrid board game/RPGs, Thornwatch, gives each player a deck of cards with which to seize the momentum and drive the corruption from the forest. Thornwatch’s core set will be followed by the expansion Dark of the Wood, which will introduce corrupted characters to the game

Thornwatch Rulebook (PDF) Dark of the Wood Rulebook (PDF) Thornwatch FAQ (PDF) Thornwatch Demo Booklet (PDF) Thornwatch and Dark of the Wood Card List (PDF)