Paul and Storm’s Sausage Party Pre-order

One day, Mike was watching a Paul and Storm concert. While the comedy-centric duo played their song “Sausage Party,” Mike had an idea for a silly but highly addictive game. It’s a very different kind of party puzzle game, where you’re trying to build the best sausages while your opponents get all up in your grill.

In Paul and Storm’s Sausage Party, each player takes a deck and proceeds to grill as many dogs as possible. The object is to get as many of the same kind of sausage as you can on the grill, and then into a bun and in the score pile. But don’t over stuff your buns! Put too many of the same sausage on a grill or allow your opponent to add too many sausages to your grill, and you’ll either have to bun it and lose points or put all those sausages in the trash.

Sausage Party is great for parties, game nights with the family, or a quick break from the toils of the day. Check out the video below to see the game in animated action, set to the tune of Sausage Party by Paul and Storm from LearningTown!

Pre-order Bonus – PDF Party Pack

For a limited time, pre-order Paul and Storm’s Sausage Party and you’ll also receive a PDF collection of some of our unpublished party games! Some of the games are full print and plays, while others are PDF versions that give you everything you need to start playing. Here’s a look at everything you’ll get along with Sausage Party!

Epic vs Awesome Bootleg Edition

THE EPICEST, AWESOMEST GAME SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME EVER!!!! In Epic Vs Awesome, one player is the Overlord, who rules over the game with an iron fist. The other players are competing to be the most epic, the awesome people in the Overlord’s domain. Roll the giant Boulder of Destiny, present a category, and bring the most persuasive arguments for the chosen words and answers! This is the very rare “Bootleg Edition,” which has been swiped from our hard drives in the dark of night. Make your own Boulder of Destiny and get ready to rule the world!

Letter Hold Em

Have you ever been playing a game of poker and wished it was a little more complex? Well, even if you haven’t, we decided it was something we all needed anyway. Letter Hold ‘Em is a poker game played with your average card deck, but with one key difference – each card has a letter of the alphabet on it. When you make your poker hand, your score is the best word you can make with that hand.


Have you ever wondered who the most interesting person at the table is? Wonder no longer! We’ve made Paragon, a fun game to help you discover all the interesting things your friends and fellow players have been up to. With questions like “Who has climbed to the highest elevation?” “Who is most likely to have a secret underground lair?” and “We’re in a prison cell, who picks the lock from the inside?” you’re bound to learn some interesting things about your friends and yourself with a game of Paragon. This is another quick game that can be played to fill a little time or be played multiple times to keep the party going.

Zero In

In the card game Zero In, you and your friends learn how well you know your celebrities. For each celebrity, there is a list of descriptive clues, and you earn more points if you can zero in on the celebrity with less clues. Zero In is a fun, quick game that anybody with even a little pop culture knowledge can enjoy, and it’s a great palette cleanser for your more involved game nights.

Plot Points

Now that you’ve got your celebrities down with Zero In, it’s time to focus on movies with the Plot Points. Instead of getting clues about celebrities, you get plot elements and must guess what movie they’re referring to. Just like in Zero In, you get more points if you can guess the movie with fewer clues.

Tragedy of the Commons

Tragedy of the Commons is a relatively simple on the surface. There is a 5×5 grid of numbers, and you and each other player must choose five of those numbers. If nobody else picked the number you chose, then you score that many points. If someone else did choose your number, you get no points for that choice. The strategy of the game is trying to figure out what other people will pick. Tragedy of the Commons comes with several grids and variants that alter the game in small but significant ways, and can be played in a few minutes or an hour depending on how many rounds you want to play.