Uncharted Live

Sometimes a company wants an unmistakable visual impression for its product. At PAX in Seattle, Sony asked us to create a launch event for its Playstation game Uncharted, complete with a clue-laden climbing wall, a giant puzzle box, and a machine gun nest. If you’d like to see a video Sony made for this massive event, click on the link below.

Lone Shark’s Uncharted Event at PAX Prime


I think dedicated doesn't even begin to describe the team here at Lone Shark. Working on the PAX experience for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was challenging on several different levels, and they were extremely professional, responsive, and creative throughout the entire process. Nothing stopped them from making this such a fantastic event. We couldn't have possibly made it the experience it was without their help!
Lone Shark Games has continued to entertain Gen Con® attendees for years with the Gen Con Puzzle Hunt. The Sharks remain in high-demand among publishers to create unique experiential game and puzzle events, and without fail, those events generate stories that people repeat for years.