GenCon Puzzlehunt

Lone Shark’s puzzle hunts range from simple trivia games on placards to much more complex challenges. The Gen Con Puzzle Hunt is a destination puzzle game for thousands of solvers. Players traipse all over the massive convention seeking clues and solving challenges. It all comes back to the Puzzle Hunt booth, where solvers can win passes for the next year’s con—and the next year’s puzzle hunt.

Need help with the puzzle hunt?

Gen Con Puzzle Hunt help page


I think dedicated doesn't even begin to describe the team here at Lone Shark. Working on the PAX experience for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was challenging on several different levels, and they were extremely professional, responsive, and creative throughout the entire process. Nothing stopped them from making this such a fantastic event. We couldn't have possibly made it the experience it was without their help!
Lone Shark Games has continued to entertain Gen Con® attendees for years with the Gen Con Puzzle Hunt. The Sharks remain in high-demand among publishers to create unique experiential game and puzzle events, and without fail, those events generate stories that people repeat for years.

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