Marching Bands for the Marchers

Puzzle Pack 7 Cover

Lone Shark Games is outraged at the murder of George Floyd, a reflection of a culture where the rights of people of color are deemed insignificant by too many.

We are further outraged to see Americans assaulted by police, here in Seattle and all over the country, including an unconscionable attack ordered by Attorney General Barr on White House protesters. Peace won’t come until our leaders treat police brutality as a crisis rather than a weapon, and commit to the principle that black lives matter.

We have made a donation to Campaign Zero, which aims to end police brutality in America. We offer you our all-new PDF collection of Marching Bands puzzles (or another collection) for free if you donate to Campaign Zero or a like-minded organization. Simply fill out the form below (don’t forget to upload your receipt) to claim your free Puzzlepack.

This is not a game. If you can, please do something to help.

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