Save Our Sanity and Lords of Vegas offers end July 1

Yesterday we sent you a note about our free online charity puzzle efforts, including an all-new Father's Day puzzle spectacular. Today we want to talk about our games. Specifically:Our popular Save Our Sanity offer will end on July 1, so get your orders in while you can.Our Lords of Vegas PledgeManager will…

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A statement for our partners

In light of recent events concerning Wizards of the Coast, Cards Against Humanity, Origins, and other companies we work with, we want to be clear about a few things. We are not perfect. We don’t expect you to be. That said: We want all our partners to treat their employees…

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Marching Bands for the Marchers

Police brutality and our puzzle offer to urge you to help We have an announcement about the Lords of Vegas PledgeManager and ordering the new Maze of Games printing below, and we very much want you to read it. But first there's something we need to say.Lone Shark Games is…

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Happy (Day After) Mother’s Day!

It's been a topsy-turvy few weeks here at Lone Shark HQ. The Lords of Vegas Kickstarter campaign continues apace, with only three days left for you to pledge before it ends at noon Pacific on Thursday. We're busy preparing for conventions—but not in the usual way. Instead, we're firing up Tabletop Simulator…

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Lone Shark’s response to COVID-19: we want to help save your sanity

Hi from Seattle! Which is a very weird place to be right now. We're usually a pretty bustling place and ... well, we're not now. But look, we're the people who make a game about the imminent apocalypse, another game about fighting an ecological catastrophe, and yet another game about the age of mankind falling eight…

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It’s a January Puzzle Frenzy with New Puzzlebooks!

In honor of the MIT Mystery Hunt, a Puzzle Frenzy! Hello to all our Sharky puzzlers out there! It's the most magical time of year to be a puzzler. We just came back from the oldest continually running puzzlehunt in the world: the MIT Mystery Hunt. Many of your favorite Sharks…

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