Get a game or puzzle book and help save lives​

Get a game or puzzle book and help save lives We wanted to thank and update you on all the things Lone Shark has done to get people games and puzzles during the pandemic. After all, it's our job to put smiles on people's faces even when they are grappling with hardships. We've…

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New Humblestarter Kickbundle!

This month brings us our first ever (and possibly only) KickHumbleStarterBundle! That’s a mouthful, but we promise, it’s worth it. Following Kickstarter's request to break Kickstarter, we combined three of our favorite things—Kickstarter, Humble Bundle, and puzzles. And man, look at that totally not official logo - it's like Christmas…

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New Puzzlepacks by Mike Selinker

You may have seen the recent news that after 15 years, our founder Mike Selinker stepped down as president to focus on the creation of more fun stuff for Lone Shark. As part of that, Mike has been working on some puzzles! As part of our new series called Puzzlepacks,…

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Why This Humble Book Bundle Is Important to Us

Why this Humble Book Bundle is important to us Hey, it's Mike. We've got a little less than a week to go on our Humble Book Bundle on Game Design and Puzzlecraft. We've been stunned at how much you've embraced it and made it your own. At over 14,000 backers…

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TODAY: Puzzlecraft Returns and a Game Design Humble Bundle

NOW: Puzzlecraft and a Game Design Humble Bundle For years we've been asked, when is our puzzlemaking book Puzzlecraft coming back? We're pleased to announce the answer to that is right now—right this very second. You have two ways you can get it. The first is go to and…

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Introducing the AWS DeepLens Challenge

And now for something completely different: The Sharks have gotten their hands on one of the coolest cameras we've ever seen: the AWS DeepLens machine learning camera. It's a device capable of being told what you're pointing it at, and then learning from repeated exposure to various objects. So you…

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We wrote a puzzlehunt for charity and you can get it

TODAY ONLY: We wrote a puzzlehunt for charity and you can get it. Plus Gen Con events are live! We have a special one-time offer that you should jump on if you want it, because it ends at midnight Pacific tonight. Just donate $15 or more to support the kids and get…

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