The Lords of Vegas 10th Anniversary Kickstarter launches today!

In 2010, we published Lords of Vegas, a high energy casino-building game. It cemented itself as one of the best games we’ve ever made, and a favorite of such series as Tabletop, Shut Up & Sit Down, and The Dice Tower. Our 2014 hard-to-find expansion Up! enabled more strategic casino-building and added pieces for more…

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Get a game or puzzle book and help save lives​

Get a game or puzzle book and help save lives We wanted to thank and update you on all the things Lone Shark has done to get people games and puzzles during the pandemic. After all, it's our job to put smiles on people's faces even when they are grappling with hardships. We've…

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Huge August Frenzy!

Apocrypha Bundle $149.95 Now $99.95! Get the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game’s Revelation Bundle, a $219.45 value, for the low price of $99.95! A bundle of nearly everything for the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game: the base set The World, the expansions The Flesh and The Devil, the Book of the Hybrids,…

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New Humblestarter Kickbundle!

This month brings us our first ever (and possibly only) KickHumbleStarterBundle! That’s a mouthful, but we promise, it’s worth it. Following Kickstarter's request to break Kickstarter, we combined three of our favorite things—Kickstarter, Humble Bundle, and puzzles. And man, look at that totally not official logo - it's like Christmas…

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June Frenzy: 50% off The Ninth World & Playmap

Order now and you can get The Ninth World and The Ninth World Playmap for just $30 — half the normal price! We only have thirty bundles at this price and members of our mailing list get first crack at this Frenzy. To sign up for our mailing list and…

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May Frenzy: 50% Off Thornwatch & The Dark of the Wood

The darkness and ebb-infused monstrosities of the Eyrewood continue to spread and threaten the denizens of the forest, both villager and beast alike. It’s time we give some aid to the Thornwatch and those they protect. Starting May 30th, we’re offering Thornwatch and The Dark of the Wood bundled together…

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Build, Play, and Share Your Own Thornwatch Stories

Hey gang, Trevor from Lone Shark Games here. When we started the Eyrewood Adventures site, we wanted fans of Thornwatch, Lookouts, Daughters, and all things Eyrewood to be able to come and share their stories and creations. And you haven’t disappointed! We’ve seen so much cool art, cosplay, stories and…

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Announcing our next big game, Hyde Society!

We're extremely excited to announce the tentatively named Hyde Society, our next big game. Lone Shark Games is working side by side with Stoneblade Entertainment (creators of Ascension and other great titles) to bring you a fantastical game set in the Victorian era, with a new traitor mechanic reminiscent of Mike's work on…

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