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We let you down. Our promise is to do better.

We let you down. Our promise is to do better.

We at Lone Shark support Gaby and all those impacted by the behavior detailed in her statement. Our goal is for Lone Shark to be an inclusive and uplifting place where people can do their best work. We have obviously fallen short of that goal. We want to make sure that we do better in the future.

We want to be transparent with what we are planning to do moving forward. We will continue to keep the community updated on our progress. As you might have read in his personal statement, Mike Selinker is taking an unpaid leave of absence from Lone Shark and taking other steps to address the issues Gaby raised.

Here is what we at Lone Shark are doing as a company:

  • We will hire professional HR support by the end of February 2022.
  • We will create an employee handbook with a written code of conduct and ensure everyone is trained on it.
  • We will implement a quarterly check-in for the whole team to discuss our progress and the office culture.
  • We will provide training for all employees on conflict resolution and creating an inclusive workplace. 

We’ve been such a small company for such a long time that we didn’t realize we needed these resources. That was a mistake and we’re going to rectify it. We’re committed to doing so in a transparent way, so we’ll give you an update on our progress in January.

Our mission at Lone Shark Games is to increase the total amount of fun in the universe. We try to do that by making great games and by fostering a community of full-time, part-time, and freelance team members who collaborate to create awesome experiences. We didn’t do enough to address bad behavior and unhealthy conflict issues in our own office environment, and we are deeply sorry. We hear you and we are going to do better.

The team at Lone Shark Games.