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Mike’s nonfiction sale, James’s word game, and a D&D puzzle event!

It’s cake time in the Lone Shark office, because Monday is Mike’s birthday! If you know Mike, the one thing he always wants for his birthday is books. And that gave us an idea for a birthday event: We put all our nonfiction books on sale! Take a look below and see what you can get for $14.95 or less. Puzzlecraft, Game Theory in the Age of Chaos, and Dealer’s Choice are all priced for the bibliophile in your household.

You may have seen us in our Shark Suits for PAX West! We take safety very seriously here at Shark HQ, so we skipped Gen Con and will be skipping Origins Game Fair as well. But that doesn’t mean we’re not hitting events. In fact, today we’re launching a massive D&D puzzle game with our friends at Wizards of the Coast. Look below for more details on that.

Our birthday nonfiction sale!

Do you like books? We like books too. Mike has co-written a few, and we’re putting a bunch of them on sale today in honor of his birthday, Here’s what’s on sale for $14.95 or less.

DEALER’S CHOICE: The Complete Handbook of Saturday Night Poker. The definitive book on dealer’s choice poker by James Ernest, Mike Selinker, and Phil Foglio, who illustrated the book as well. This book contains the rules to 400 poker games, including old favorites like Omaha and Chicago, and bizarre constructions like Demolition Man, Blacque Jacque Shellacque, Frankenstein, and Night Baseball of the Living Dead. The book also features tips for how to host a poker night, how to design your own games, and how to talk like a poker player. You can get the softcover and ebook for $14.95, or just the ebook for $7.95.

GAME THEORY IN THE AGE OF CHAOS. For the period of 2017-2020, Mike analyzed the resultant effects through the lens of game theory in this 532-page book. Aided by game theory primers from mathematician Richard Malena-Webber, Mike describes how games like poker, Werewolf, and Pandemic guide us in understanding international trade, civil rights, and the threat of nuclear war. If you want to learn the basics of game theory set against a topical backdrop, this is the book for you. Plus, you get the album Music to Doomscroll By, with topical songs by Mega Ran, The Doubleclicks, Jonathan Coulton, and many more. Get the softcover and ebook for $14.95, or just the ebook for $7.95. And if you like Mike’s take on politics, you can also get one of the last few copies of his political alphabet book The Ghastlytrump Tinies, illustrated by 26 great artists, in softcover and PDF for $2.95.

PUZZLECRAFT: How to Make Every Kind of Puzzle. This giant tome from puzzlemasters Mike Selinker and Thomas Snyder contains over 100 sections of step-by-step instructions on making individual puzzle types, each with accompanying puzzles. In addition to classics like crosswords and sudoku, this new edition contains all new sections on escape rooms, interactive fiction, puzzle rallies, bonzas, variety cryptic crosswords, new Japanese logic puzzles, videogame puzzles, and much more. Plus there’s a new foreword by NPR quizmaster Peter Sagal and a new adventure in the Maze of Games world. Now at half off with the softcover and PDF for $14.95, or just the PDF for $7.95. You can also get one of our couple dozen remaining copies of the companion Puzzlecraft Workbook in softcover and PDF for $2.95, or just the PDF for $1.95.

A D&D Celebration puzzle game!

Speaking of celebrations, today and the next three days are D&D Celebration, an online gathering for fans of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. And we have a treat to announce: we made a carnival-themed D&D puzzle event just for you. If you like puzzles and RPGs, head to celebration today!

Designed by Elisa Teague and Mike Selinker with development from Chad Brown and Keith Richmond, The Witchlight Challenge tests everything from your strength to your charisma in a feywild-influenced carnival atmosphere. Step right up and you can win life-saving prizes for your Adventurers League character! (And if you don’t play D&D, don’t worry! You can solve all the puzzles without D&D knowledge.)

This puzzle challenge is free and fun for your whole gaming group. Come join us at D&D Celebration this weekend!

A new word game and more Sharky news!

Here’s a bunch of short updates on some delightful doings in the Lone Shark family.

  • James’s new word game, Letter Boxing, is available from Crab Fragment Labs. We love word games here at Shark HQ, and our co-founder James Ernest has a great new print and play word game for you. In Letter Boxing, you dodge, jab, and bluff your way to victory. It doesn’t always matter what you have, but what you can get away with! Check it out at Crab Fragment Labs, along with lots of our other favorites like Gloria Mundi and Ducks in a Bucket.
  • Our crossword comic Letters to Margaret is finishing up at the printer. We’re delighted to report that Hayley Gold’s puzzle graphic novel Letters to Margaret and its minicomic You Can’t Make Up This Stuf is being printed. It’ll be printed soon, and then we’ll be at the mercy of the shipping gods. But soon, we hope!
  • Monster Academy, our upcoming pair of games from Calliope Games, is headed to testing. The publisher has set up a landing page you can head to if you wish to get regular updates about the games based on the world created by Matt Forbeck. Sign up if you like the idea of playing monsters trapped in school and saving the kingdom.
  • Lords of Vegas’s upcoming expansion Americana is testing great. With New Orleans, Reno, and Atlantic City playing well, we’ve started plunging into the Tombstone expansion. We promise you’ve never played anything like this. We are hoping for a fall Kickstarter for the new expansion collection called Americana and the reprint of the base set.

So much going on, and even more that we can’t talk about yet. But trust us, it’s really good stuff.

We hope you enjoy D&D Celebration and hop to our webstore for deals on our nonfiction books. Thanks again for being our friends.

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