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PAX announcements for Lords of Vegas, Monster Academy, and more!

Hey everyone! We’re at PAX West, the first big game convention in quite a long time. The Lone Shark team is happy to be out in public again, doing so in a safe and careful fashion. 

Because of PAX, we’re keeping our board game sale prices going. You can get our board games Apocrypha, The Ninth World, Sausage Party, and our Penny Arcade collaboration Thornwatch for convention prices by going to our webstore. Come see what’s available!

Also, we have some news about our upcoming games!

Lords of Vegas's new edition starts to take shape

We’ve been deep in the mines on Lords of Vegas’s new box, the first time Lone Shark has made the game ourselves. We’ve gotten good production quotes and are making plans for the printing of the base set, which will be fully compatible with all previous editions and expansions.

We are starting to feel confident in planning a Kickstarter for both the new box and the upcoming expansion Lords of Vegas: Americana. The new material for Atlantic City, Reno, and New Orleans is all coming along well. No certainty as to when we’re going to launch, but we’re humming along in putting it together. If you want to sign up to get notified when it’s ready, go to and we’ll hook you up.

We’ve had to rebuild all the files, of course, and where we’ve had room to maneuver, we’ve been looking at graphical improvements. For example, we’re planning a new logo. We like our old “LORD$ OF VEGA$,” but it’s time for a change. Here’s a first peek at a draft of our new logo, by two big fans of the game, Penny Arcade’s Kiko and Dabe. Nobody outside of Shark HQ has seen it before today.

While we don’t have any base sets for sale, there are tons of expansions and accessories for Lords of Vegas on our store, including some special items that may not be available in the upcoming Kickstarter. Take a look, won’t you?

Announcing our new Monster Academy games!

We’re thrilled to piggyback of Calliope Games’s announcement last week that we’re making two light-RPG board game sets for Monster Academy, our Apocrypha co-author Matt Forbeck’s delightful novel trilogy about young monsters sentenced to the harshest punishment they can imagine: school.

We’ll have a lot more to say about this game project by Mike, Matt, Chad Brown, and Keith Richmond soon, but for now, we want to turn the newsletter over to Calliope’s Ray Wehrs, who says this about the games:

“Mike Selinker and Matt Forbeck are joining forces, like a Game Design Voltron, to bring you not ONE, but TWO games in Matt’s Monster Academy universe. We call this PROJECT APPLE. Mike has a truly unique storytelling concept that introduces light RPG elements, while Matt brings the source knowledge and a heck of an ability to craft amazing narratives in the game. We are looking to have one title that is the core game, much like a traditional Calliope release, playable in under an hour, over and over, but different each time. We will then have a second title in this series—probably standalone but able to be combined with the core box—that introduces deeper linked scenarios for the characters.”

The games are going through Calliope’s rigorous playtesting process on Tabletop Simulator now. When we can release more information about these very cool new products, we will! Stay tuned!

Our PAX schedule—see us live!

If you’re at PAX, we’ll see you here on the 4th floor! We’re gonna play “PAX Plays Lords of Vegas” in our all-new Vegas casino-style booth. Come spin the big wheel!

But if you aren’t at PAX, don’t worry—you can still see our panels live as they are happening! Just go to and watch at these hours:

  • Friday (TODAY) at 6:30 pm Pacific, Mike Selinker’s Sabotage Trivia: Game and puzzle designer Mike Selinker continues his long-running series of game shows at PAX. Now in its 10th edition, the show now called Sabotage Trivia features you and your fellow audience members giving Mike and his cohosts a bunch of questions. They will loose them on each other, but there’s a twist: they will sabotage the questions by changing words so the other player doesn’t know what’s going on. Everything’s on the line, so come see the puzzlemakers try to take each other out!
  • Sunday at 6:30 pm Pacific, The 100 Games You Absolutely, Positively Must Know How to Play (2021 Edition): In 2015 at PAX East, ace game designer Mike Selinker gave his widely shared list of The 100 Games You Absolutely, Positively Must Know How to Play if you want to sound smart about games. Tabletop, video games, even some way off the board—Mike covers every genre and every style of game in this rocket-speed panel. Now the list has changed quite a bit from the 2015 edition. Did your favorite game make the cut? Whether you’re a game designer like Mike or just a fan of everything in gaming, come see what Mike says and then tell him why he’s wrong.
    Watch us and all the great PAX content, and let us know what you think!

We’re excited about all these new developments as well as some more we can’t even talk about yet. Maybe next month for those. Regardless, we hope to see you at PAX, online, or anywhere you play our games. Talk to you soon!

The Sharks