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Get a Lords of Vegas briefcase, poker chips, & more TODAY!

With the Lords of Vegas Kickstarter fulfilled, we’re finally able to make available the limited supplies of our luxury and upgrade items for the game! If you missed out on our Kickstarter campaign and wanted one of the swank mobster briefcases or a set of our in-world casino poker chips, now’s your chance. All these items are in very limited supply, so if this is your kind of thing, jump on it ASAP.

As a reminder, we put all the rest of our games on sale for a limited time. Apocrypha, The Ninth World, and Thornwatch’s core sets are all $29.95, and their expansion boxes are just $19.95 each. You can also get Sausage Party for only $14.95.

OK, to all the new arrivals in our shop.

The boss briefcase and tray

One of the coolest things we’ve ever made is the boss briefcase for Lords of Vegas. If you want to deck out your game like you’re a Vegas mobst—sorry, totally upstanding citizen of Nevada, this is the deluxe case for you.

The Lords of Vegas Boss Briefcase holds the components from the base game, Up!, and Underworld, plus room for the Poker Chips and the Player Upgrade Kit. When you pull this game off your shelf, we want you to feel like a casino magnate. The briefcase is 320 mm x 320 mm (fits nicely into a Kallax shelf) and feels weighty and substantial. There’s a leather-like exterior, a felt interior, and a removable felt-lined tray with snug spaces for each player’s components. It’s the box we always wanted Lords of Vegas to be in. You can get one of our last few dozen briefcases for $199.95.

This briefcase contains the Lords of Vegas Felt-Lined Tray. If you get the briefcase, you do not need to purchase a separate tray. But if you don’t, you can also get a felt-lined tray for $39.95.

The poker chips

Fans have asked us for Lords of Vegas Poker Chips for more than a decade. We finally made some! This set of 100 poker chips include 20 each of $1 million, $2 million, $5 million, $10 million, and $25 million chips. The chips are 11.5-gram high-density plastic with a metal chip inside. They bear the logos of the five casino groups in the game, immersing you in Lords of Vegas as you play the game … or poker, for that matter. You can get a set of 100 Lords of Vegas Poker Chips for $54.95. (If you’re buying for a poker game, consider getting a second set.)

The playmat

The Lords of Vegas Playmat is a gorgeous 24×28” neoprene playmat showing the full Strip board from the Lords of Vegas base set plus the Downtown Las Vegas board from Underworld. There are also spots to stack your casino tiles and risers. Get the full Vegas experience with the Lords of Vegas Playmat. You can get a Lords of Vegas Playmat for $39.95.

The player upgrade kit

The Lords of Vegas Player Upgrade Kit lets you replace the game’s tokens with high-class vehicles. The kit includes 60 wooden cars (of a different shape for each player) to use in place of the markers for parking lots. The six airplanes are a deluxe version of the scoring tokens, allowing you to vroom around on the scoring track like it’s a runway at McCarran Airport. The pack comes with six drawstring bags, one for each player, as well as a pair of large casino gambling dice. You can get a Lords of Vegas Player Upgrade Kit for $44.95.

The expansions Up!, Underworld, and Unified Rulebook

You can get the first two expansions for Lords of Vegas with your deluxe purchases. Up! adds the pieces for two more players and introduces risers that let you build sky-high casinos. Underworld is the brand-new expansion that brings characters and upgrades to the game, and we’ve added a beautiful Downtown Las Vegas board by Franz Vohwinkel. Plus, your webstore Underworld order gets you a pack of three promo cards! You can get Up! or Underworld for $29.95 each.

You also might want the Unified Rulebook, which combines all the rules from the core set, Up!, and Underworld. You can get the Lords of Vegas Unified Rulebook for only $4.95.

What's next for Lords of Vegas

You probably noticed that we don’t have the Lords of Vegas Base Set available in the list of goodies above. Sadly, we’re all sold out of that game. But good news! We’ve begun the process of rebuilding and updating the game’s graphic files in preparation for a new Lone Shark edition that we hope to send to the printer by the end of the year. For those that just got the game from us, we want to stress that though this edition might look a bit different, it will not have ANY significant mechanical changes, other than those needed to bring it in line with the expansions released after the Mayfair edition.

We also will be thinking about either reprinting Up! (of which we only have a few hundred copies) or folding it into the new Base Set. That’ll likely be an economic decision, and if you’ve been following the news about board game manufacturing and shipping, you know that prices for pretty much everything are rocketing skyward. There’s a lot that’s undecided, but we hope to make all those decisions soon.

Meanwhile, we are excited to have finally reopened our office to live playtesting again, following all our company’s COVID protocols about vaccinations. With this milestone comes the development of as many as FIVE Lords of Vegas expansions. We’re messing around with expansions for Atlantic City, Reno, Mississippi, the Vegas convention scene, and maybe even an 1850s expansion for Tombstone. You can see James and Chad testing Mississippi in the pictures above.

It’s unclear which of these will be ready to develop for our next print run, and we expect to have a Kickstarter for these expansions later this year. We are currently collecting all these expansions under the banner of “Lords of Vegas: Americana,” though whether they will be sold separately or together has not been decided. But we’re thrilled to be deep in the playtest process again. We think you’ll like what we’re cooking up.

We hope you’ll take a look at all those Lords of Vegas deluxe items and everything on sale on our store. We hope to see you at the National Puzzler’s League convention in DC, where we’ll have some big announcements about our upcoming puzzle projects. Thanks again for all the support!

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