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Lords of Vegas expansions and three new books arrive on our store

We’re excited to be in the last stages of the fulfillment of our last two Kickstarters for Lords of Vegas, Dealer’s Choice, and Game Theory in the Age of Chaos. Now, the books and expansions are available on our store for those in the United States and Canada. Plus we’ve got a new PDF of a rare book for our modern horror game Apocrypha. It’s a bounty of riches we’re looking forward to sharing with you!

To celebrate all of these new arrivals, we put all the rest of our games on sale for a limited time. Apocrypha, The Ninth World, and Thornwatch’s core sets are all $29.95, and their expansion boxes are just $19.95 each. You can also get Sausage Party for only $14.95. These are great to add on to your purchases of some of these new items.

Also, the Letters to Margaret PledgeManager is now open. If you missed our crossword graphic novel’s Kickstarter campaign, now’s your chance to get in on that before we ship it out.

Below, you’ll see all the new stuff. Thanks for taking a look!

New for Lords of Vegas: Up!, Underworld, and the Unified Rulebook

Right now, we’re making the first two expansions for our city-building game Lords of Vegas available on our store for the first time.

Up! is the hard-to-find first expansion for the game, adding the pieces for two more players and introducing risers that let you build sky-high casinos. It’s available for $29.95.

Underworld is the brand-new expansion that introduces characters and upgrades to the game, all with a beautiful Downtown Las Vegas board by Franz Vohwinkel. Plus, ordering from us direct gets you a pack of three Underworld promo cards! All that is available for $29.95.

In addition, we’ve just added the Unified Rulebook, which combines all the rules from the core set, Up!, and Underworld. You’ll never wonder which rulebook your rule is in again. You can get this new rulebook for only $4.95.

If you’re in the U.S. or Canada, you can get those expansions from us today. Note that we haven’t yet added any of Lords of Vegas’s “deluxe” items (the briefcase box, the felt-lined trays, the playmat, the player upgrade kit, and the poker chips). We’re waiting to see how many of those we have left before putting the remaining amounts on the store. If you’re waiting for those, hang loose for a bit. We’ll let you know when they’re available.

Dealer's Choice and Game Theory in the Age of Chaos

But that’s not all! We’ve added two new books in both softcover and eBook form on our store. Both of these are vastly expanded new versions of groundbreaking books in our collection.

First, there’s the massive omnibus edition of Mike Selinker and Richard Malena-Webber’s Game Theory in the Age of Chaos. This book, more than 500 pages in length, chronicles the politics of the last four years through the lens of game theory. There are pieces discussing how Risk, Diplomacy, legacy board games, D&D, and dozens of other games give you a window on all the craziness in the world. Mike serves up the political perspectives and Rich explains the game theory the way only a mathematician can. If you like games and are concerned about the world, you’ll love this book. You can get it for $24.95 in softcover or $12.95 in eBook form.

In addition, we’ve just put up Dealer’s Choice, a massive tome of 400+ poker games written by James Ernest, Mike Selinker, and Phil Foglio, who also contributed the hilarious illustrations to the book. Dealer’s Choice covers everything about how to play poker from the simplest definitions of the basic hands to wild hand variants like the bobtails, cats and dogs, and the gimpsey-doodle. You’ll get the rules to classic like Baseball and Southern Cross, and strange games of our invention such as Diablo, Frankenstein, and Money Train. There’s also chapters on strategy, hosting, and making your own games. If you enjoy poker even a little bit, you need this in your house. You can get for $19.95 in softcover or $9.95 in eBook form.

Side note: Speaking of our co-founder James, have you checked out his site Crab Fragment Labs? It’s got all sorts of games on it, including a print-and-play version of Mike and James’s revised version of Gloria Mundi and a brand new essay on driving games that you should read if you ever plan to be in a car for more than 20 minutes ever again.

A sale on the rest of our games and a new Apocrypha book!

These new items on our store don’t mean we’re ignoring our other games! As we mentioned above, we put all the rest of our games on sale for a limited time. Apocrypha, The Ninth World, and Thornwatch’s core sets are all $29.95, and The Flesh, The Devil, and The Dark of the Wood are just $19.95 each. You can also get Sausage Party for only $14.95 and the Ninth World Playmap for $9.95.

For players of the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game, we’ve got a new surprise. We’ve blown the dust off an ancient treasure: The Book of Omens. Even if you’re an Apocrypha fan, you might not know what this is. Here’s the tale of these spellbinding tales.

The creative team that would eventually begin crafting the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game started out its brainstorming by commissioning five stories from stellar scribes Bobby Derie, Stephen McQuillan, Jason Schmetzer, Marc Tessin, and Phaedra Wilson. Ideas from these percolated throughout the design of Apocrypha, informing the concept of saints investigating the creepiest corners of the dark. We eventually got a whole host of fiction writers—Pat Rothfuss, Kij Johnson, Erin M. Evans, Jerry Holkins, and more—to help us envision the game in the boxes.

But we always had a soft spot for these five early stories. So, when we made the Beast Box, a very rare special box only available in our Kickstarter, we slipped in a surprise: one of only 50 printed editions of a book containing these stories. That book, The Book of Omens, will never be printed again, but we wanted to bring it back in a new form: its first ever digital edition. You can now get this PDF version from our shop for only $4.95. If you’re into some chilling tales of the macabre set in our warped modern universe, we hope you’ll enjoy seeing that apocalyptic world come to life. Or maybe something other than life.

Letters to Margaret gets a PledgeManager!

If you missed our Kickstarter for the first book in our new line of puzzle and game comic books, you can still get in on the action! We just opened a PledgeManager for Letters to Margaret, the upcoming crossword graphic novel by Hayley Gold with puzzles by Andy Kravis and Mike Selinker. It’s a double-sided, solvable graphic novel all about life, love, and the New York Times crossword. If you like our puzzle novel The Maze of Games, we recommend hopping over to the PledgeManager and reserving a copy for only $24.

While you’re there, you can also get the mini-comic You Can’t Make Up This Stuf, a bonus chapter involving the characters and a new crossword by Robyn Weintraub. After you reserve your copy of Letters to Margaret, you can add on a mini-comic for only $5.

And for a very limited time, we’re making a new set of puzzle master Eric Harshbarger’s code pencils available. You’ll get a dozen code pencils—two each of six unique designs—with everything from Morse code to SI unit prefixes to figures on US currency. We give you two of each pencil so you can solve with one and keep another handy at all times. Each set goes for $39.

Letters to Margaret is a very special project to the team at Lone Shark. We hope you’ll take a look and see if your jam. If you like our puzzles, we think it might just be.

That’s a megaton of new stuff from us at Lone Shark. We hope you’ll take a look at those Lords of Vegas expansions, Dealer’s Choice, Game Theory in the Age of Chaos, The Book of Omens, and Letters to Margaret, plus all our games that are on sale. Thanks for being a fan of Lone Shark!

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