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Free shipping frenzy! Plus a preview of our new puzzle comic

Free shipping frenzy! Plus a preview of our new puzzle comic

Hello! We’ve decided to celebrate the arrival of March with a Free Shipping Frenzy! That’s right, from today until March 7th, every $40+ purchase from has free shipping, no matter how many things you buy. See below and we’ll spell it out.

Plus, we’re just brimming with excitement today because we finally get to announce our first new interactive puzzle novel since The Maze of Games. But this time, it’s not a regular kind of novel. It’s a graphic novel. More than that: It’s a solvable graphic novel. Maybe the first one ever. It’s not quite ready yet, but we expect to be ready to launch at noon Pacific on March 9. We’re giving you the first look at it today. If you like what you see, go to this prelaunch page and hit Notify Me on Launch. That’ll send you an alert when we put it up for pledges! See below for more details.

Free shipping until March 7th!

We’ve never done a free shipping offer before, but now seems an excellent time to start. The Free Shipping Frenzy runs through the end of this weekend. All you have to do is spend $40 or more and your shipping in Canada and the United States is free. Here are some examples of what you can get:

  • The Maze of Games hardback? Free shipping.
  • A Thornwatch base set? Free shipping.
  • An Apocrypha: The World box? Free shipping.
  • The Ninth World? Free shipping.
  • Everything we make in one shipment? Free shipping.

Here’s how it works. Go to our store, throw $40+ in items into your cart, and check out. In the checkout step, hit the button for “Free shipping.” If you don’t do this, you’ll pay for shipping. No one wants that. So get it free!

Some nice words about The Maze of Games

One of our favorite authors, comic writer Gail Simone, had some nice things to say about a lot of our games and books, including The Maze of Games, on Twitter this week. Here’s a sample. Thanks, Gail!

The Knots of the Eyrewood

Our adventure game Thornwatch is set in the Eyrewood, a world-spanning fantasy forest beset by the encroaching Ebb. Only the ghostly knights called the Thornwatch can save it. Villagers can summon the Thornwatch by tying bramble knots in birch trees and pricking their skin.

Knots are a critical component of Thornwatch, because winning an adventure gets you a knot you can tie on your person—like, for real—and untie when you want to trigger its power. We detail the methods of tying all these knots on our site Eyrewood Adventures, along with stories, art, cosplay, and more. Here are the knot-tying guides:

Explore the Eyrewood site and find many more of the Thornwatch team’s and our fans’ creations. Then contribute some of your own!

Introducing our new puzzle graphic novel: LETTERS TO MARGARET

Letters to Margaret is a 128-page, double-sided novel by writer and artist Hayley Gold, who previously did the crossword webcomic Across and Down. The book is about a group of crossword bloggers who clash about race, gender, cookies, and, of course, crossword puzzles. This goes off the rails when one of them receives a letter from Margaret Farrar, the deceased first editor of the New York Times crossword puzzle.

The book is loaded with crosswords by Andy Kravis and Mike Selinker, which you can solve along with the characters and experience what they experience. It’s a great addition to our puzzle novel line. We think that if you like The Maze of Games, you’d like this one a lot too.

Here’s a flippy little preview of a prototype printing of the graphic novel. It’s all we’re prepared to show off today. But we’d love it if you’d sign up to learn more! And get ready for the launch on March 9!

We are amped about finally being able to show you Letters to Margaret! We hope you’ll sign up for notifications about when we go live with that project. Plus check out Free Shipping Frenzy! Thanks for taking a look, and we’ll talk to you very soon.

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