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Happy National Puzzle Day!

It’s National Puzzle Day! We here at Lone Shark Games pride ourselves on making high-caliber puzzles, and we’re happy to take a day to shower some affection on them. If you’re the kind of person who likes puzzles, check out the Puzzle Day Frenzy below! And then you’ll see some big news about our massive Apocrypha puzzle series being solved, and how you can get a free final mission for that game. We’ll also tell you about progress with Lords of Vegas, Dealer’s Choice, and Game Theory in the Age of Chaos. Read on!

Here's our Puzzle Day Frenzy!

For National Puzzle Day and one more week after today, it’s time for our Puzzle Day Frenzy! It’s initials are “PDF,” and so we made three new PDF puzzle deals for you.

First, you can get the Puzzle Vault Bundle, which contains every PDF in our Puzzle Vault for only $14.95. There’s more than $100 of puzzles in there, so even if you have some of it, it’s quite the deal. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Puzzlepack #1: Rows Gardens (Regular price $7.77)
  • Puzzlepack #2: Marching Bands (Regular price $7.77)
  • Puzzlepack #3: The Gauntlet Hunt (Regular price $7.77)
  • Puzzlepack #4: Giant Crosswords (Regular price $7.77)
  • Puzzlepack #5: Geek Trivia (Regular price $7.77)
  • Puzzlepack #6: Crossword Bonanza (Regular price $7.77)
  • Puzzlepack #7: Marching Bands 2 (Regular price $7.77)
  • Crosswords of Wisdom Volume 1 (Regular price $14.95)
  • Crosswords of Wisdom Volume 2 (Regular price $14.95)
  • Killer Cryptics (Regular price $9.95)
  • WoRDWeRX (Regular price $7.95)

We’ve also marked down The Keymaster’s Virtual Bundle from $92.65 to $29.95. It’s full of everything digital for The Maze of Games. That contains digital copies of:

  • The Maze of Games PDF (Regular price $29.95)
  • The Theseus Guide to the Final Maze PDF (Regular price $4.95)
  • The Keymaster’s Tome PDF (Regular price $12.95)
  • The Maze Map PDF (Regular price $6.95)
  • The Maze of Games Audiobook (Regular price $24.95)
  • The Theseus Guide Audiobook and Variety Hour (Regular price $9.95)
  • The Gatekeeper’s Wallpaper Pack
  • The Maze of Games Soundtrack (Regular price $2.95)

And finally, for $14.95, there’s a new Puzzlecraft Virtual Bundle containing PDFs of our puzzlemaking guides. It contains:

  • Puzzlecraft: How to Make Every Kind of Puzzle PDF (Regular price $14.95)
  • The Puzzlecraft Workbook PDF (Regular price $4.95)

You can get all these great puzzle books in virtual or physical form by going to our Puzzles Collection!

Apocrypha's puzzle is solved! And you get the prize!

Speaking of fiendish puzzles: On the wings of ravens comes the thrilling conclusion to the #DarkAdvent event that occupied our fans throughout December. Right as the year threatened to tick over—and we mean right then, with only a couple hours to spare—an inexhaustible team of Discord users finally cracked the massive puzzlehunt imbedded in the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game. Six hundred and sixty-five days that puzzle went unsolved, but on the six hundred and sixty-sixth day it finally fell. We won’t give you any spoilers here, except to say that their efforts unlocked the secret final mission in the card game. There are 99 missions in The World, The Flesh, The Devil, and The Book of the Hybrids. Which always seemed one mission short. And it was.

Thanks to the puzzle solving skills of Bunny Omega, Derek Dadian-Smith, DomusCaligari, Taylor Lindise, Richard Malena-Webber, Jen McTeague, Morbus Iff, Pfire, SheaPM, VoidEagle, and the rest of the Apocrypha Puzzling Discord, you can download Mission #100: You Say You Want a Revelation for free from our Apocrypha page. We expect you’ll like it. We don’t want to spoil any surprises for you, but here’s a tease.

What's up with Lords of Vegas and our new books

People who’ve seen the early positive reviews of the new Underworld expansion for Lords of Vegas and our poker book Dealer’s Choice might be wondering: can you buy them on our store? No, not yet. We won’t make these new products available until we finish shipping the Kickstarter for Lords of Vegas. As we write this, we’re done shipping the copies in the United States and Canada. We’ll be starting up on the rest of the world soon. When we’ve got all those out, we’ll put Underworld and Dealer’s Choice up on our store and begin shipping them to distributors and retailers in North America.

Meanwhile, we’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of our massive omnibus edition of Mike and Richard Malena-Webber’s Game Theory in the Age of Chaos. This book, more than 500 pages in length, chronicles the politics of the last four years through the lens of game design. A boat is bringing those books to our warehouse soon. When we’ve gotten the Kickstarter copies out the door, we’ll put that into our shop too. (By the way, if you’re a supporter of our political work, you might want to check out our new site, Clean the White House.)

While we’re on the subject of our books, we want to drop a hint about our next book. Next month, we’ll unveil our next work of puzzle fiction. It’s not a novel like The Maze of Games. It’s not a short story. It’s something else. Stay tuned to this channel for an all-new puzzle journey coming soon.

There’s a lot more we can’t tell you about yet. What we can say is that we’re really excited about all the stuff that’s coming from Lone Shark and friends this year. We’ll start unveiling it next month. Meanwhile, check out the Puzzle Day Frenzy and the new Apocrypha mission. We’ll see you next month!

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