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Last day for 2020 Hindsight Sale, Game Theory Preorder, and Apocrypha’s Dark Advent

What a year.

Usually, we’d say that with an exclamation point. And we did have some great things happen at Lone Shark this year. When we saw the pandemic barreling down on us, we realized we had one of the few functioning warehouses in the game industry and figured we needed to act on that. We slashed our prices so that people hit hard by the crisis could still afford our cooperative and solo games, made a retailer recovery kit that gave away more than a thousand of our games to struggling brick-and-mortar stores, and used our product to raise money for charities at events like Worldbuilders’ telethon and Desert Bus for Hope. We also ran a great campaign for the revival of Lords of Vegas, finished two books in Dealer’s Choice and Game Theory in the Age of Chaos, and launched an election site that got the important work of democracy done. Plus, we got ready to launch some big things in 2021.

But we also had a rough road, especially at the end of the year. Being a small game company that makes big games is hard enough in a normal year. This year we had an inventory disaster in which 5,000 of our games vanished, surprise tariffs, a transportation nightmare which required airfreighting at colossal prices, and more. All that said, we started shipping out Lords of Vegas today. We’re thrilled to have that going out to fans.

Throughout it, we’ve had the best fans. You fine people have stood with us on this turbulent ride, and we appreciate it. As a thank you, we want to remind you of three great things we’re doing now that end at the end of the day tomorrow. If you’re interested in some last minute excitement, read on.

The 2020 Hindsight Sale

For one more day, until we finally get to slam the door on this horrid year, everything on our store is on sale for $20.20 or less till 2020 is finally gone.

You want any of Apocrypha’s three boxes? They’re $20.20 each. The Maze of Games hardback? $20.20. The Thornwatch Core Set and The Dark of the Wood? $20.20 each. Puzzlecraft, Sausage Party, and The Ninth World? All $20.20. And everything else is cheaper than that.

This amazing sale ends when the clock strikes January 1st. If you want anything we make for prices you won’t see again, today’s the day to click this blue button.

Apocrypha's Dark Advent

December 31, 2020 is 666 days since the release of the complete game of Apocrypha. We’ve been celebrating by triggering the apocalypse countdown early. On Twitter, our ravens Huginn and Muninn have been revealing #DarkAdvent, a 24-day calendar of hints to the giant puzzle series that’s embedded in the game. If folks solve it in <checks watch> the next few hours, we might not see that apocalypse happen on schedule. 

We’ve put all the information on this 666 page so you can have it in one place. And look there at the bottom. It seems to be a submission form for … something. Good luck cancelling the apocalypse!

The Game Theory PledgeManager closes today!

January 1st is also when we shut down the Game Theory in the Age of Chaos PledgeManager. Our books are on their way to us, and we plan to start sending them out as soon as they come into our warehouse. To do that, we need all preorders finalized by January 1.

But it’s still open now! You can get the preorders of Game Theory, Dealer’s Choice, and nearly everything we have at the 2020 Hindsight Sale prices. If you’re from outside North America, this is a great opportunity to get our stuff, since we only ship to Canada and the U.S. from our webstore. Only one day left, so please hurry if you want to be a part of it!

One more thing: If you ordered an eBook copy of Dealer’s Choice and/or Game Theory, those are loaded in the PledgeManager now. You can get them from the site just by checking your account.

Thank you for being the best fans we could imagine. If you want to check out the 2020 Hindsight Sale, The Last Days of Apocrypha, and the Game Theory PledgeManager, you have one more day to do so. See you in 2021!

The Sharks

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