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Here’s everything that’s $20.20 or less in our store

A couple weeks ago, we launched The 2020 Hindsight Sale. For the next three weeks, everything in our store is now available for $20.20 or less. This email will introduce you to everything that’s on sale for $20.20 or less, which is everything. 

But first, we want to let you know about two charitable campaigns we’re supporting, and hope you will too. The first is the Worldbuilders telethon, which supports Heifer International and other great causes. Mike will be appearing in their star-studded Inclusive and Accessible Worldbuilding panel TOMORROW at 9 am Pacific; you can watch it on Twitch and donate!

The second is the Games and Online Harassment Hotline, sponsored by Feminist Frequency. We are strong believers in creating a safe space for everyone to game, and the hotline helps make it so. You can get your donations matched by our company and others when you contribute to their campaign.

Hindsight Sale

What's in the 2020 Hindsight Sale? Everything!

Because we are tired of this miserable year, everything on our store is on sale for $20.20 or less till 2020 is finally gone. Here’s a rundown of everything you can get.

The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game

Apocrypha is our continent-spanning fantasy horror game that takes place on the day you play it. Everything in the game has seemed to come true in 2020, which was not our intention. If we caused the actual apocalypse, you have our sincerest apologies.

The game is broken into three boxes that are stuffed with cards depicting every manner of horror in history and literature. Every card has hidden references and stories that make this game a deep dive into our malfunctioning souls. You can get some of our few remaining copies of The World, The Flesh, and The Devil boxes for $20.20 each, as well the mini-expansion The Book of the Hybrids for $0.95. If you’re into solving all the puzzles in the game, you might want the game’s digital files in the Apocrypha Puzzle Solver’s Pack for $4.95 and/or the Steganographer’s Guide PDF for $0.95.

That’s right, we said puzzles in a board game! Apocrypha contains the biggest hidden puzzle series we’ve ever made. You can solve it by going to our #DarkAdvent tweets our Lone Shark Twitter account and the accounts for our chattering ravens Huginn and Muninn. They’re birds, so they’re happy to tweet at you all day long.

The Maze of Games

The Maze of Games is our highly accoladed puzzle novel, written by Mike Selinker and illustrated by Pete Venters. The story is printed in the wrong order, and it’s up to you to solve the puzzles and restore the narrative so our heroes Colleen and Samuel Quaice can escape from the bony clutches of the Gatekeeper. It’s a strange book, but it’s been one of our most popular offerings since its release in 2014. Now on its fourth printing, it has spawn a mini-empire of side quests and supplements.

The Maze of Games Hardback is available for $20.20. Its must-have handwritten answer book, The Gatekeeper’s Tome, can be picked up for $9.95. The bonus chapter chapbook The Theseus Guide to the Final Maze is $4.95, as is The Maze of Games Maze Map. All of these come with PDFs so you can print out just the pages you need on any given puzzle day.

You can also get all these in digital form: The Maze of Games PDF is $14.95, The Keymaster’s Tome PDF is $5.95, and The Theseus Guide PDF and Maze Map PDF are $1.95 each. Legendary composer Austin Wintory’s Maze of Games Soundtrack is $0.95. There are also two audiobooks narrated by Wil Wheaton: The Maze of Games Audiobook is $9.95 and The Theseus Guide Audiobook and Variety Hour is $4.95.

If you want all of those digital items, you can get The Keymaster’s Virtual Bundle for $39.95. And if you want all the physical books and all the digital items, you can get The Keymaster’s Bundle for $49.95. We highly recommend the latter for any holiday gifts for puzzle fans.

Paul & Storm's Sausage Party

For years, the very light and fun game Sausage Party (based on the Paul and Storm song, not the movie) was always the game we brought out after hours at conventions and suddenly there were 30 people playing. It’s our fastest game—it takes about five minutes to play—and easily our funniest. Each of four players gets three grills on which to complete as many tasty sausages as possible before someone tragically runs out of buns. If you’d like a ridiculous sausage-making game that’ll keep your friends and relatives in stitches for hours, pick up Paul and Storm’s Sausage Party for only $20.20.

The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera

The skillbuilding game The Ninth World is a collaboration between us and our dear friends at Monte Cook Games. The Ninth World is set a billion years in the future, in a world where gender and race are antiquated concepts and any inexplicable roadside object could give you control of a kingdom. You play brave glaives, tech-savvy nanos, and clever jacks trying to become the most accomplished adventurers in all the Nine Kingdoms. This game can be played either solo, cooperatively, or competitively, so it’s sure to please any kind of strategy gamer. You can get it for $20.20 now.

If you want one of our lavishly cartographed Ninth World Playmap accessories, you should act now! We’re almost out of this popular supplement to The Ninth World, on which you can track your game progress across the entire Nine Kingdoms. The last few copies are available for $4.95 till the end of the year or until we run out!

Puzzlecraft: How to Make Every Kind of Puzzle

Back in a vastly expanded edition, Puzzlecraft: How to Make Every Kind of Puzzle is the ultimate puzzle creation handbook. In Puzzlecraft, Mike Selinker and Thomas Snyder explain how to create crosswords, sudoku, mazes, logic problems, and a hundred other puzzle types. The new edition adds such modern innovations as escape rooms, video game puzzles, Bonza puzzles, and alternate reality games. If you’ve ever wanted to make puzzles for publication or just to entertain your game players, you need this book. It’s only $20.20!

If you’re getting Puzzlecraft, we highly recommend the Puzzlecraft Workbook, a hands-on lesson plan that has you creating a full-fledged puzzle hunt in minutes. It’s only $4.95.

Both of these come with PDFs for easy printing and solving. But if you just want the digital editions, you can get the Puzzlecraft PDF for $6.95 and the Puzzlecraft Workbook PDF for $1.95. Enjoy making puzzles!


Our epic collaboration with Penny Arcade is Thornwatch. Cartoonist legends Mike “Gabe” Krahulik and Jerry “Tycho” Holkins joined the Lone Shark Games crew in making a deeply immersive, lavishly illustrated, easy-to-play tactical board game with RPG elements. It’s set in the fantasy forest of the Eyrewood, where young Lookouts and helpless villagers meet ebb-infested monsters. When they can’t solve their own problems, they tie bramble knots in trees and summon the ghostly avengers called the Thornwatch. That’s you. You appear out of the woods, solve whatever disaster the townsfolk have gotten themselves into, and fade back into the mists.

You can get both the Thornwatch Core Set and the expansion The Dark of the Wood for $20.20 each. If you’re into epic storytelling, light strategy games, we recommend getting both for the full range of character and story options. We think you’ll love your time in the Eyrewood.

The Puzzle Vault

Finally, if you’re killing time this holiday season, you should dive into the Puzzle Vault for a huge variety of puzzle PDFs by Mike Selinker and friends. There are seven puzzle packs—two crossword packs, two Marching Bands sets, a Rows Garden pack, a nerd-oriented trivia booklet, and the Gauntlet game-based puzzle hunt. Plus there are two volumes of the crossword books Crosswords of Wisdom, a cryptic crossword book called Killer Cryptics, and the competitive word-puzzle book WoRDWeRX. Till the end of the year, every one of those PDFs is only $1.95 each.

That’s everything we have in stock in the Lone Shark Games store, all of it available for $20.20 or less per item. Browse through it, and we’re sure you’ll find something you like. Thanks for checking it out.

Happy holidays from your favorite cartilaginous marine terrors!

The Sharks

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