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Introducing Shark.Vote, a gamer’s election website

Introducing Shark.Vote, a gamer's election website

It’s a little more than a month until a bonkers-critical Election Day here in the United States. So today we’ve unveiled our new gamer-focused election site, It’s got a way people in the U.S. can get a copy of our new edition of Game Theory in the Age of Chaos for free, when you unlock fun game characters by moving the engine of democracy forward.

We know some of our fans don’t like it when we get political. We get that. Trust us, we would love to just “stick to making games.” But we can’t. We may be a shark, but we’re human too. We care about our country, which is in real peril right now. It’s important for us to stand up and be counted. On, you can learn how you can be counted too.

Two ways to get the new Game Theory omnibus edition

Mike’s put the finishing touches on a monster 532-page (!) edition of his book, Game Theory in the Age of Chaos. Written with mathematician Richard Malena-Webber, this book look at all the big events of the last four years through a gaming perspective, using poker, D&D, chess, Risk Legacy, football, Diplomacy, and dozens of other games to define how forces in the world strategize and act. The book is at the printer now.

We’ve got two ways for you to get the book:

The first is to go to our Kickstarter page and preorder it there, from any country in the world. You’ll also have the ability to send the book to one or more Democratic members of Congress, if you’re in the United States. (It’s still illegal for foreigners to influence our elections.)

Get the book free with our new online election game

The second way to get the book is to go to and do four or more of the character tasks in our election game. If you do that, we’ll treat you like you backed the Kickstarter at the $25 level when we launch our PledgeManager for that campaign. You’ll only pay shipping. This is only available to people in the U.S.

Of course, we couldn’t launch without making with some serious impact. The Eggscellent Election Game is an activity where you can collect egg-shaped heroes and monsters (illustrated by John Kovalic!). You unlock them by doing important actions to safeguard our election. You can send text messages to collect Robbo T. Robot, volunteer to secure voter ID and unlock Frank Einstein, and ten more such activities. All of this matters in the month leading up to Election Day, so we wanted to give you that little gaming nudge to do the things that need doing.

Go to and unlock your characters by being an election hero! If you unlock four or more characters, Facebook or tweet about it as described on the site and we’ll treat you as if you backed the book on Kickstarter.

Plus a free album: Music to Doomscroll By

Some of these essays are pretty heavy, so we’re also giving our backers some delightful, socially relevant music to listen to while you read about elections, corruption, and war.

Mike has curated some of his favorite tracks from his friends Mega Ran, Molly Lewis, Jim Boggia, Kid Beyond  Austin Wintory, Sidecar Astronauts, Quelle Chris and Chris Keys, Kirby Krackle, Marian Call & the Guttersnipes, and The Doubleclicks. You’ll get this digital album free with any copy of Game Theory in the Age of Chaos.

Just one month left in this seemingly perpetual election, at least till all the voting’s done. We hope you’ll dive into our new site, do some of the election-related tasks there, pick up your Game Theory in the Age of Chaos if that’s your jam, and, most importantly, VOTE. Stay safe out there, friends.

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