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It’s time for PAX! That means a Thornwatch special!

It’s time for PAX! That means a Thornwatch special!

We’re excited to be right in the middle of the massive NINE-DAY celebration that is PAX Online! We want to tell you about a couple of fun puzzle panels coming up (including one TONIGHT!) and also get you a chance to get Thornwatch, our game we made with PAX founders Gabe and Tycho, for a special price!

Plus, if you like our Maze of Games, Puzzlecraft, and puzzle packs, we’ve got news about two new puzzle games you might love from us. One’s called HINT and the other is our upcoming expansion for Detective. See below!

PAX Thornwatch special!

If you’ve never played our game Thornwatch, it’s on sale for half off through the end of PAX! That’s right, now through Sunday night on our store, you can get the Thornwatch core set and the expansion The Dark of the Wood for less than the normal price of the core set. But only through PAX!

If you’ve never played Thornwatch, you’re in for a treat. In Thornwatch, villagers in trouble tie bramble knots in trees, summoning the ghostly spirits of vengeance known as the Thornwatch. You play these ghosts in this exciting and strategic action game. Plus, if you like the art and stories of Mike “Gabe” Krahulik and Jerry “Tycho” Holkins, you’ll revel in the beautiful and engaging world they’ve created here. Take a look.

PAX Puzzle Panels!

We’ve got two amazing panels for PAX, including one TONIGHT! These should be quite delightful.

Tonight at 6:45 PM Pacific, you can see our regular PAX game show but with some wild changes for the online format. Puzzlemasters Mike Selinker and Wil Zambole clash in a game of SABOTAGE TRIVIA. They’ll try to beat each other down with your questions, sabotaging them as needed. You can watch this tonight at 6:45 pm Pacific on TwitchFacebook, or YouTube.

Then on Sunday at 2:15 PM Pacific, Mike is joined by D&D puzzle creator Elisa Teague, Framed designer Joshua Boggs, and Locurio escape room creator Summer Herrick for a panel called HOW TO PUZZLE IN YOUR GAME. If you want to know how to improve your games with puzzles, this is who you want telling you about it. You can watch this Sunday at 2:15 pm Pacific on TwitchFacebookYouTube. See you at both those panels!

Buy our new game: HINT!

Big news for fans of our puzzle games! We’ve partnered with the amazing folks at Bezzerwizzer to bring you the American edition of the popular European game HINT. We made an all-new set of question cards for the game, which you can get from the Asmodee North America site right now! When you play HINT, you will:

  • DRAW French foods, marine mammals, and TV dating shows
  • HUM charity records, songs about the moon, and cat songs
  • TALK about fungi, Australian animals, and Monty Python
  • MIME kitchen utensils, martial arts, and Lord of the Rings characters

But be careful! There’s a stopper each round that you don’t want to clue to your teammates. Good look avoiding it!

Are you ready for HINT? If so, pick up one of the first copies at the Asmodee site.

Our upcoming mystery game—Detective: Petty Officers!

You can’t get this one yet, sorry. But we’re really excited to announce that we’re working with Portal on the next expansion to their hit mystery game Detective! If you’ve never played it before, Detective is a game where you play agents of the secret agency ANTARES in a race against time to solve a dastardly crime.

As part of the Signature Series, we wanted to bring something new to this modern classic, so we added a new element: pets! Now you can take animal assistants on your case with you. Which is important, because you’re about to try to clear a suspect from a murder charge. This might be a little more challenging than usual, since your suspect is a tiger.

We’re working with Portal’s development team on this now, and it’ll be out some time in 2021. We hope you love it.

That’s a lot of cool stuff for one month. We hope to see you at PAX!

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