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They’re grids. They’re good. They’re Grids for Good.

A project to benefit social justice and COVID-19 charities from your favorite puzzlecrafters

We’re excited to be a part of a new all-star puzzle project! Grids for Good is a collection of 42 original puzzles created by 44 different constructors to raise money for organizations providing coronavirus relief, as well as for groups fighting against institutional racism. Washington Post puzzles Evan Birnholz put together a heavy-hitting lineup of the best of the best: Patrick Berry, Erik Agard, Amy Goldstein, Eric Berlin, Joon Pahk, Robyn Weintraub, Brendan Emmett Quigley, our own Mike Selinker, and dozens of other constructors have provided you with new diversions that’d make your brain swirl.

To receive the complete set of Grids for Good puzzles, just make a donation of at least $10 to a COVID-related charity or a racial justice organization of your choice and forward the receipt to You will then be emailed the puzzles after the team checks your receipt. There are several organizations for you to consider on the Donation Suggestions page.

These 42 puzzles of varying difficulty include themed crosswords, themeless crosswords, variety puzzles, and a few metapuzzles as well. The metapuzzles are also part of a contest. Send your answers to the three metapuzzles to by 11:59 pm Pacific Time on July 18, 2020, for a chance to win a swag bag from The Inkubator (including a tote bag, notebook, stickers, buttons, and erasers). See more information about the contest in the FAQ.

Donate today and get some cool puzzles from the best puzzlers.

Plus more of our recent charity puzzle projects!

This isn’t our first charity puzzle project that Lone Shark’s puzzlemakers have contributed in the last six weeks. It’s the fourth! And all three of those earlier puzzle projects are still available. There’s:

  • The Marching Bands for the Marchers PuzzlePack benefiting Campaign Zero. This is a set of 10 marching bands crossword variants by Mike.
  • The Mother’s Day Puzzle Bouquet benefiting Every Mother Counts. This is seven variety puzzles themed for moms, by Kid Beyond and his crew.
  • The Father’s Day Puzzle Pop! set benefiting the Equal Justice Initiative. Same as above, but for dads.

Plus, heading back a bit, you might also enjoy The Gauntlet boardgames-based puzzlehunt “Keys to the Kingdom” that we made to benefit Treehouse. The Gauntlet donation link doesn’t work any more, but you can still donate to Treehouse here. If you upload a receipt from Treehouse to the Marching Bands for the Marchers link above, we’ll give you a credit you can use for The Gauntlet.

These are all worthwhile causes and we’re happy to make puzzles to support them all. Thanks for being one of the puzzle people for good.

The Sharks

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