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Save Our Sanity and Lords of Vegas offers end July 1

Yesterday we sent you a note about our free online charity puzzle efforts, including an all-new Father’s Day puzzle spectacular. Today we want to talk about our games. Specifically:

  1. Our popular Save Our Sanity offer will end on July 1, so get your orders in while you can.
  2. Our Lords of Vegas PledgeManager will also close July 1.
  3. We’ve made a lot of progress on Lords of Vegas that we want to share with you.

See below for details on all these announcements.

Save Our Sanity ends July 1

It’s been a chaotic time in the world, and here at Lone Shark, we’re trying to stay on top of everything. With much of America opening up again, we’re watching game distribution and retail return to … well, not normal per se, but functional. We’re making some changes to support our friends in the retail and distribution channel. Which, we think, will also support you.

As of July 1, we’ll be ending our Save Our Sanity offer, which we launched due to the economic devastation caused by COVID-19. We’re giving our fans a week’s warning, so if you want any of our tabletop games at significantly lower than normal prices, please get them in the next week. If you’re into getting products like Apocrypha, The Ninth World, Thornwatch, and Sausage Party from us, we encourage you to do so while these prices are still available.

Next month, we’ll start a new promotion around revitalizing our retail shops. For now, we hope you’ll take advantage of our Save Our Sanity prices. 

The Lords of Vegas PledgeManager closes July 1

The Lords of Vegas PledgeManager will also close on July 1. That allows you to preorder the new expansion Underworld and all parts of the Boss Bundle, including the briefcase box, poker chips, player upgrade kit, unified rulebook, and Vegas playmat. You can also get our charity promo card Vegas Shutdown, which sends proceeds from your $5 pledge to Three Square Food Bank in Las Vegas.

You have till July 1 to order all that at the current prices. You can buy all our stuff in the PledgeManager at Save Our Sanity prices, plus preorder the new printing of The Maze of Games (this is a good way to get our stuff if you’re not in the U.S. or Canada). Some of this may not be available after the PledgeManager closes, so we encourage you to pick up what you want now. If you pledged on the Kickstarter, and haven’t yet completed your pledge on the PledgeManager, we really need you to do that before we close it, because we can’t fulfill your pledge without it.

 If you haven’t been to our PledgeManager, do this:

  • Click this link to the PledgeManager.
  • Pick the reward level you are interested in. (Pick “Friend of the Shark” if you just want to pick up products a la carte.)
  • Enter your email address.
  • Verify you are not a robot.
  • Click “Join project.”
  • From there you can order any of our games and enter your address for shipping.

All the progress on Lords of Vegas!

Since we opened the PledgeManager, we have been cranking on getting everything done for the Lords of Vegas 10th anniversary project. Here are some of the things we’ve finished.

  • We’ve started the process of getting the base set and Up! to our warehouse.
  • We finished all the text, all the art, and nearly all of the graphic design for Underworld.
  • We finished the draft of the revision of Dealer’s Choice, and are getting it ready for graphics.
  • We’ve ordered our briefcase boxes, trays, cars, planes, bags, and poker chips for the deluxe upgrades.
  • We’ve started on design on the unified rulebook and the Vegas playmat.

Here’s some more of Nate Taylor’s fantastic art for the Underworld expansion. (FYI, Nate’s a new dad! Happy belated Father’s Day, Nate!)

Remember, both of these offers end July 1, so go to Save Our Sanity and the Lords of Vegas PledgeManager as soon as you can, if you want any of these items. Thanks for helping us make it through this challenging half year. We hope to bring you all sorts of amazing things in the second half.

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