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Announcing Puzzle Pop!, a free Father’s Day puzzle set to support criminal justice reform

Here's Puzzle Pop!

Here’s a link for you to download a brand new free puzzle series for Father’s Day. Just like our popular Mother’s Day spectacular that we did last month, in which we raised $12,000 for Every Mother Counts, this one has a charity goal too. It benefits the Equal Justice Initiative, a group that aims to transform the justice system in ways that affirm that Black lives matter. We encourage you to support the EJI with a few dollars if you download this free puzzle project. Like the Puzzle Bouquet, Puzzle Pop features the stellar work of musician and game designer Kid Beyond, plus our Mike Selinker and a host of talented puzzlecrafters.

Puzzle Pop is all about Dad! Specifically, it’s all about corny dad jokes. Trust us, they’re the worst. The WORST. So get your popcorn ready, and get ready for some pop … corn.

Like the Puzzle Bouquet, Puzzle Pop features the stellar work of musician and game designer Kid Beyond, plus our Mike Selinker and a host of talented puzzlecrafters.

Plus, if you missed the Mother’s Day campaign, you can still get that too. And for a limited time, you can get our Marching Bands 2 puzzle pack for free, by contributing to the police brutality-fighting group Campaign Zero. Get all three today and make a difference.

And if you’re still looking for more charity-minded puzzles after all three of those, we just love The Social Distancing Puzzles by our Maze of Games collaborator Eric Berlin. Grab a friend over Zoom and try this one out. Plus you’ll feel good about donating to Feeding America.

Some thoughts on recent controversies

The game industry is not that different than the rest of the world, so this has been a tough time for many game industry stalwarts. In light of recent events concerning Wizards of the Coast, Cards Against Humanity, Origins, and other companies we work with, we wanted to be clear about a few things. So we made a statement over here.

We said we strive to do better than our industry has done historically. We noted that:

  • We want all our partners to treat their employees well.
  • We want all our partners to treat their fans well.
  • We want all our partners to treat their community well.
  • Specifically, we want all our partners to treat women, LGBTQIA people, and people of color well.

Mike also wrote about the concepts in detail over on his blog. You can also follow Mike’s Twitter thread about game companies posting about Black Lives Matter here.

One change to come from this reflection is that we’ve removed the current edition of Mike’s book Game Theory in the Age of Chaos from our store. We’ll bring it back in a new omnibus form later in the year with some changes and new goals. Stay tuned for that.

Thanks for listening and supporting us as we try to be a positive force in the world. It’s a complex time, and so we see our role evolving. But always focused on bringing you great games and puzzles. We’ll be back later in the week with an update on Lords of Vegas, Save Our Sanity, and our boardgame plans. We’ll see you then.

Meanwhile, you might really want to check out those Father’s Day puzzles. There’s some awful dad jokes in there, and we can’t wait until you suffer through them with us.

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