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A statement for our partners

In light of recent events concerning Wizards of the Coast, Cards Against Humanity, Origins, and other companies we work with, we want to be clear about a few things.

We are not perfect. We don’t expect you to be. That said:

  • We want all our partners to treat their employees well.
  • We want all our partners to treat their fans well.
  • We want all our partners to treat their community well.
  • Specifically, we want all our partners to treat women, LGBTQIA people, and people of color well.

We love all of you. Do right by others, and we’ll be there with you, as we always have. That’s the Lone Shark way.

But if you don’t do right by others, don’t call us.

The above statement doesn’t mention any of the specifics that these partners were accused of. The next few paragraphs contain reading material, should you want to catch up.

Here is a post from Zaiem Beg about Wizards, another by Lawrence Harmon, and Wizards‘ post from yesterday.

Here’s the Anita Sarkeesian letter on Cards Against Humanity and a post by Theresa Stewart that led to the #CAHIsOver hashtag.

Here’s a thread about the Origins Online broadcaster walkout, the statement by Origins, and Eric Lang‘s analysis of that statement.

Lastly, here’s a post by Lone Shark’s founder Mike Selinker on sharing complicity in the creation of these conditions.

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