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Marching Bands for the Marchers

Police brutality and our puzzle offer to urge you to help

We have an announcement about the Lords of Vegas PledgeManager and ordering the new Maze of Games printing below, and we very much want you to read it. But first there’s something we need to say.

Lone Shark Games is outraged at the murder of George Floyd, a reflection of a culture where the rights of people of color are deemed insignificant by too many.

We are further outraged to see Americans assaulted by police, here in Seattle and all over the country, including an unconscionable attack ordered by Attorney General Barr on White House protesters. Peace won’t come until our leaders treat police brutality as a crisis rather than a weapon, and commit to the principle that black lives matter.

We have made a donation to Campaign Zero, an organization which aims to end police brutality in America. We’re offering you our all-new PDF collection of Marching Bands for the Marchers puzzles (or another collection) for free if you donate to Campaign Zero or a like-minded organization. Simply fill out the form here (don’t forget to upload your receipt) to claim your free Puzzlepack.

This is not a game. If you can, please do something to help.

Thanks for listening. There’s no easy transition from that, so we’re just going to launch into what we were originally going to write this post about.

The Lords of Vegas PledgeManager is open

Our PledgeManager is now open! If you supported the Lords of Vegas Kickstarter, you should receive an email directly from PledgeManager. If you didn’t:

  • Click this link to the PledgeManager.
  • Pick the reward level you are interested in. (Pick “Friend of the Shark” if you just want to pick up products a la carte.)
  • Enter your email address.
  • Verify you are not a robot.
  • Click “Join project.”

From there the system will walk you through completing your order. You can get the full range of products we debuted in that Kickstarter, including:

  • the base game and Up! expansion
  • the all-new Underworld expansion
  • the book Dealer’s Choice
  • the Boss Bundle briefcase box
  • the felt-lined tray
  • the custom poker chips
  • the Vegas playmat
  • the player upgrade kit
  • and the charity promo card Vegas Shutdown

You can also add on our other games such as Apocrypha, The Ninth World, Thornwatch, and Sausage Party. In addition, we’ve begun the process of reprinting our sold-out puzzle novel The Maze of Games and all its other products, so this is an ideal chance to get those. As a reminder, our webstore ships only to the US and Canada, so if you’re from outside those regions, joining this PledgeManager is an opportunity to get our games and books. (You do not have to pledge for Lords of Vegas to get The Maze of Games or another of our games.)

We will need to set print runs almost immediately, so if you want some of this, we would like you to reserve it right away.

Our gates are open. Just click on this link and tell us what you want. Thanks!

An Apocrypha/Lords of Vegas crossover promo card?

We had everything planned out for printing Lords of Vegas: Underworld. We’d settled on a thematic 52 cards in the Underworld box and two promo cards with each copy (Time Share and The Big Score). Plus we have our charity promo Vegas Shutdown. A nice set of 55 cards for a 55-card press sheet.

Then our production manager Eric said, “What do you want to do with the 56th card slot?”

Wait, what now? Apparently the sheet we selected has 56 cards, not 55. So we knocked our heads together and came up with a third promo card to bundle with Time Share and The Big Score, and like those two it comes with every copy of Underworld. It’s currently called Binding Contract. We won’t reveal the card power just yet, because it’s still in development. But we will say it strays into the forbidden territory in trading: future actions.

It’s also cool where the idea for Binding Contract came from. Fans of the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game know that the Damned chapter is set in Las Vegas, and the Sphinx casino group makes an appearance in the expansion called The Devil, under the watch of powers named Abramelin and Lord Khufu. It’s a throwaway reference that we never thought we’d use again. Well, if Lords of Vegas can appear in Apocrypha, our Apocrypha Vegas denizens can appear in Lords of Vegas. It’s our very first crossover promo card, which is cool. (You don’t need to know anything about Apocrypha to use Binding Contract in Underworld, of course.) 

Here’s the Apocrypha card featuring Sphinx, plus a sketch of what Nate Taylor’s done with the Lords of Vegas promo card so far.

Some sweet looking cars

Skylar got in the cars for the Boss Bundle and player upgrade kit this week. Oh man, do they look stellar. If you were on the fence before, we think this might push you over. 

Aren’t those neat? We think so, anyway. You can get them and all sorts of cool Vegas stuff in the PledgeManager, but only if you get your order in soon. Thanks for your time, let us know if you want the free puzzle pack in exchange for a donation to Campaign Zero, and please take care of yourselves this week.

The Sharks

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