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Lords of Vegas, $5 Accessory Frenzy, and More Maze of Games Audio!

Big news on one of our greatest games!

We were gonna lead with our cool $5 Accessory Frenzy below, but we got some big news in yesterday: It’s the 10th anniversary of Lords of Vegas, the game James and Mike made with Mayfair Games in 2010. After ten years with Mayfair and then Asmodee, Lords of Vegas is now a Lone Shark Games product for the first time. We’re thrilled to welcome back into our family one of the best games we’ve ever made. If you like your eurogames with a bit of gambling craziness, this is the game for you. It’s a favorite with such gaming series as TabletopShut Up & Sit Down, and Dice Tower.

We just made this happen, so some details are not gelled. But here’s what we know today:

  1. We believe we will soon be able to sell copies of the Lords of Vegas base set and the very-hard-to-find expansion Up!
  2. We hope to make the long-awaited expansion Underworld this year. 
  3. We hope to put together a 10th anniversary deluxe edition or something like it.
  4. We also regained the rights to our popular poker book Dealer’s Choice: The Complete Handbook of Saturday Night Poker. We hope to publish a 15th anniversary edition of that too.
  5. We’re building a Kickstarter for all that. We hope to launch it ASAP.

We’re super-excited about all of this. So much so that we’re taking Lords of Vegas to not one but two conventions this weekend! See below for details.

Top row: Apocrypha Soulbinder and Revelation Dice, Puzzlecraft Workbook, The Theseus Guide to the Final Maze
Middle row: Maze Map, Apocrypha Hope Deckboxes, Ninth World Playmap
Bottom row: Thornwatch Core Acrylic Pawns and Dark of the Wood Acrylic Pawns

February $5 Accessory Frenzy!

Because we’re getting a whole bunch of new stuff into our warehouse, we’ve slashed prices on all of our accessories. Rather than worry about figuring out individual prices, we just made them all five bucks each for the next two weeks. This is your chance to load up on the cool things you’ve missed. Here’s what’s on sale.

  1. Apocrypha Soulbinder—only five bucks!
  2. 3 Apocrypha Hope Deckboxes—only five bucks!
  3. Apocrypha Revelation Dice—only five bucks!
  4. Ninth World Playmap—only five bucks!
  5. Thornwatch Core Acrylic Pawns—only five bucks!
  6. Thornwatch Dark of the Wood Acrylic Pawns—only five bucks!
  7. Maze of Games Theseus Guide—only five bucks!
  8. Maze of Games Maze Map—only five bucks!
  9. Maze of Games Audiobook—only five bucks!
  10. Puzzlecraft Workbook—only five bucks!

Some of these normally go for $25 or $30, but now we’d just like one Lincoln for each. Some are in very limited supply, so come get your awesome accessories!

More Maze of Games Audio with Wil Wheaton!

We’ve added The Maze of Games‘s Theseus Guide Audiobook and Variety Hour  puzzlefest to the Lone Shark store. Actor Wil Wheaton once again narrates the festivities, with his chilling Gatekeeper voice anchoring the audiobook of The Theseus Guide to the Final Maze as well as The Gatekeeper Variety Hour, a wild puzzle-filled radio show that plays in the Maze. Joining Wil, the Variety Hour features a star-studded cast of weirdos:

  • Maze stalwarts Mike SelinkerGaby WeidlingTanis O’Connor, and Elisa Teague
  • Puzzlemasters Francis HeaneyEric Chaikin, and Wil Zambole
  • Beatboxer and voice actor Kid Beyond
  • Composer and conductor Austin Wintory
  • Ukulele troubadour Molly Lewis
  • Pianist and arranger Greg Pliska with Matt Szemela
  • And thunderous noisemakers the Boston Typewriter Orchestra

This audio extravaganza goes for a mere $9.95. And as noted above, you can add the Maze of Games Audiobook—starring Wil Wheaton with music by Austin Wintory, Marian Call, Kirby Krackle, and Paul & Storm—for only five bucks more!

See us at a lot of conventions!

We are going to so many conventions soon! Please come and play with us.

James and Mike will be at Dice Tower West in Las Vegas on Thursday. We’ll be shooting video for Lords of Vegas, so find us and you might be in our videos.

Keith and Shane go to PAX East the same day in Boston, with Mike joining on Friday. At that show, you can play Lords of Vegas with us and find out about our Kickstarter plans from 2-4 pm Thursday through Sunday in Kickstarter’s room 103. Mike’s got a couple of panels you can go to:

Keith heads onto the JoCo Cruise in the second week of March. There’s a giant Sausage Party tournament there, which you should not miss if you’re on Nerd Boat.

And then we’re all at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle March 12-15! Come to our booth and play with us. It’s fun!

Give us your web store feedback!

We’re rebuilding our online store and we want to hear from you! Please tell us what you like and don’t like about our web store, by going to this feedback page. Now is your chance to affect how you get stuff from us! Thanks so much!

That’s it for February from us. We hope to see you at Dice Tower West and PAX East. We’ll get you some more news soon!

-The Sharks