It’s a January Puzzle Frenzy with New Puzzlebooks!

In honor of the MIT Mystery Hunt, a Puzzle Frenzy!

Hello to all our Sharky puzzlers out there! It’s the most magical time of year to be a puzzler. We just came back from the oldest continually running puzzlehunt in the world: the MIT Mystery Hunt. Many of your favorite Sharks were out in Cambridge for the event, both participating and running it. So in honor of the Hunt, here’s a massive Puzzle Frenzy involving 25% off all of Lone Shark’s massive library of puzzle stuff!

The sections below showcase our Puzzlepacks, including a brand new nerd-culture trivia pack by Mike Selinker, Mark L. Gottlieb, and Teeuwynn Woodruff; our how-to book Puzzlecraft, including the brand new Puzzlecraft Workbook by Mike and Gaby Weidling; and Mike and Gaby’s The Maze of Games. And it’s funny that we mention Mark and Gaby, because this happened at the Mystery Hunt this weekend.

So let’s take a look at some of the puzzles co-created by the newly wedded newlyweds.

PuzzlePack 5 Cover

New Geek Trivia Puzzlepack: Some Nerdity Required

Our brand new fifth Puzzlepack (see below for the rest) is a 44-page collection of the geekiest trivia on Earth, or anywhere else you might inhabit. It consists of eight massive trivia quizzes, each with its own intricate metapuzzle. Subjects covered include nerd rock, geek lit, sci-fi/fantasy/horror films and TV shows, and tabletop and video games. Buy a PDF of Puzzlepack #5: Geek Trivia—Some Nerdity Required now for $7.77 only $5.82!

Check out the rest of our digital Puzzle Vault!

If there’s a Puzzlepack #5, then there must be four more of them. And there are! Here’s the collection of hand-crafted puzzle PDF-only products in our collection.

All of these collections are available for 25% from our store. And you’ll have them instantly!

Introducing the Puzzlecraft Workbook!

Our updated version of Mike Selinker and Thomas Snyder’s omnibus guide Puzzlecraft: How to Make Every Kind of Puzzle now has a friend! Gaby and Mike have produced a new way to look at puzzlemaking, a step-by-step workbook perfect for special events, classrooms, or just honing your skill at home. The new Puzzlecraft Workbook has two major sections, one reviewing all the sections of the main book with tips and thought-provoking questions, the other guiding through a multi-puzzle project for a week of birthday puzzles for a loved one. If you’ve ever wanted to design puzzles, this is the book you want. The Puzzlecraft Workbook debuts in our Puzzle Frenzy at a mere $7.46 for the softcover plus PDF, or just $3.71 for the PDF only.

The Maze of Games Gets a New Book!

Our long-running puzzle novel series The Maze of Games gets a new book with The Keymaster’s Tome, a new hand-written solution book by the 19th century teenagers Colleen and Samuel Quaice. Ghostwritten by Gaby and Mike, the squabbling siblings battle over who is the smartest and whose solutions are correct. The book covers all the expansions of the Maze of Games line, including the puzzles in the Conundrucopia, The Theseus Guide to he Final Maze, the soundtrack, the Maze Map, and all the other expressions. Get The Keymaster’s Tome and all the other products in the line at 25% off today! 

That’s our giant Puzzle Frenzy for the month. Check everything out and get in on this deal before it ends on January 31st!
Thanks for being a part of the Lone Shark Games family. We have a lot of cool things coming in the new year, which we hope you’ll like. We’ll talk to you soon!

-The Sharks