Wotan’s Week 25%-Off Sale Begins On All Lone Shark Stuff

The Second Wotan’s Week Sale Begins!

Who needs Black Friday or Cyber Monday when you can have a whole week of sales? Welcome to Wotan’s Week! The chattering ravens Huginn and Muninn have informed us that Odin is celebrating his glory with a week of Wotan’s Day. We’ll celebrate Wotan’s Week by offering 25% off everything in the Lone Shark Games Store and the Basket of Adorables Store. Everything physical ships to the US and Canada only, though those outside those countries can get the digital products.

Normally, Wotan’s Week would run Wednesday November 27th to Wednesday December 4th. But that’s when we head to PAX Unplugged, and who wants to be messing with the store on an airplane? So we’re giving you until December 8th get all the Lone Shark and Basket games and books you need for gifts and holiday gaming at this discount, so hit the button below and start shopping! Some of our coolest sale items are below.
Shop the Lone Shark Store and Get At Least 25% Off!
Shop the Basket of Adorables Store and Get 25% Off!

Apocrypha Adventure Card GameRevelation Bundle

Peek behind the veils that man was not meant to pierce. Get the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game’s Revelation Bundle, a $219.45 value, for only $99.95!

The Revelation Bundle gets you the base set The World, the expansions The Flesh and The Devil, the mission pack The Book of the Hybrids, three Box of Hope deckboxes, three Box of Doom deckboxes, a set of Revelation Dice, and seven promo cards. The Revelation Bundle contains: 1,455 cards, 19 pawns, 22 bases, 40 dice, 52 dividers, 1 rulebook, and 3 storybooks.

The promo cards: the saint One, the death Skullflake, and the gifts Allusion, Godmother, Monster Truck, Something Familiar, and Universal Product. While supplies last!
Get the Apocrypha Revelation Bundle Now for $99.95!

The Maze of Games: The Keymaster’s Bundle

Join schoolchildren Colleen and Samuel Quaice as they traverse the mazes of the Gatekeeper in this mindbending puzzle novel. Get the new Maze of Games Keymaster’s Bundle, a $152.60 value, for only $74.95!

The Bundle gets you physical copies of The Maze of Games hardback edition, The Theseus Guide to the Final Maze, the brand new answer book The Keymaster’s Tome, and The Maze Map. Plus, you’ll also get PDFs of all of those along with The Maze of Games Audiobooks, the Gatekeeper’s wallpaper pack, and The Maze of Games Soundtrack. You can also get the digital bundle of all these things in electronic form for only $44.95!
Get the Maze of Games Keymaster’s Bundle Now for $74.95!

The Thornwatch Bundle

Venture into the ebb-infested Eyrewood, where ghostly spirits of vengeance reign. Get the Thornwatch Bundle, a $104.95 value, for only $74.95!

The Thornwatch Bundle gets you the Core Set and the expansion The Dark of the Wood.

We also have only 13 sets each of the Acrylic Pawns for the Core Set and The Dark of the Wood. If you ever want those, get them now for the sale price of $22.46 for each set of 10.
Get the Thornwatch Bundle Now for $74.95!

The Puzzle Vault Bundle

Want all our digital-only puzzles? You can get them all in the brand new Puzzle Vault Bundle, a $78.88 value, for only $44.95!

The Puzzle Vault Bundle gets you the the first four Puzzlepacks—#1: Rows Gardens, #2: Marching Bands, #3: The Gauntlet Hunt, and #4: Giant Crosswords. Plus you’ll also get Killer Cryptics, the word game book WoRDWeRX, and both volumes of Crosswords of Wisdom.

You might also like our puzzlemaking guide Puzzlecraft in softcover for $22.46 and PDFfor $11.21, plus The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design for $14.96.
Get the Puzzle Vault Bundle Now for $44.95!

The Ninth World Bundle

Project yourself a billion years in the future today! This game, based on the Monte Cook Games universe, plays in cooperative, solo, and competitive modes. Get the Ninth World Bundle, a $64.90 value, for only $44.95!

The Ninth World Bundle gets you the The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera and the Ninth World Playmap
Get the Ninth World Bundle Now for $44.95!

Paul & Storm’s Sausage Party Pre-Order

Let’s grill up some sausages for Thanksgiving Weekend! This game, based on the Paul & Storm song, is a fast-paced grillapalooza that plays in ten minutes. Get Sausage Party, a $24.95 value, for only $19.95!

You can also come play Sausage Party with us at PAX Unplugged next week, in booth 3038! We would love to see you there!
Pre-Order Sausage Party Now for $19.95!

A Basket of Adorables Sale Too!

Our sister company’s books are now all 25% off too! Get The Ghastlytrump Tinies and Game Theory in the Age of Chaos, each a $25.00 value, for only $18.71 each!

Plus we would be remiss if we didn’t point you at Basket of Adorables’ new game TanTrump: Impeachment Edition. You can back it on Kickstarter today! 
Get the Basket of Adorables Books Now for $18.41 Each!

And that’s not all. You can order everything on our site for 25% off during Wotan’s Week, through December 8th. Be sure to reach out to Huginn and Muninn and tell then how you’re celebrating Wotan’s Week. From all of us here at Lone Shark and Basket of Adorables to all of you, have a great holiday season!