TanTrump: The Kickstarter Impeachment Edition Is Live

Announcing a New Game from Basket of Adorables: TanTrump

We’re excited to announce TanTrump, a new “protest game” from our political action sister company, Basket of Adorables! Presidential Games—a wholly owned subsidiary of Basket of Adorables—is running this Kickstarter campaign for TanTrump: Impeachment Edition—from the opening of the House’s public impeachment hearings to their projected “wrap by Christmas” end date. We’re going to focus this month’s mail on an in-depth look at TanTrump and what you can get by supporting Basket of Adorables’ first game!

But first, a disclaimer: This is not a Lone Shark game, because those are mostly politics-free. But a lot of people at Lone Shark are part of the independent company Basket of Adorables, and so we want to back them up. We’re comfortable doing so, but if this isn’t something you’re comfortable with, feel free to close this email.

Still here? Cool. Let’s take a look at the TanTrump Kickstarter, the legacy of Presidential Games, creating your own TanTrump-based memes, and more. You can also head directly to the Kickstarter and check things out for yourself and reserve your copy of TanTrump right now!

Back TanTrump: The Kickstarter Impeachment Edition Now!

The TanTrump commercial above was created by the awesome people at ZOE (Zombie Orpheus Entertainment). It shows off the look and feel of the game, including a mechanical Donald J. Trump, straight out of the Hall of Presidents. You won’t need any batteries or power cords—it’s all powered by magic and gears and things. Just sit him in his comfy chair and get ready to pump his ego. It also comes with a scale model of the Resolute Desk, complete with presidential seal.

There are 12 Stuff standees to be delivered, and a deck of 50 cards (click that link to see them) including 20 Staffers, 24 Maneuvers, 5 Rage-Tweets, and a Stuff Inventory. (We’ll add more in an expansion if our goals are hit. See the Kickstarter for full details.)Basket of Adorables recently acquired the talented staff from Presidential Games and they have been invaluable in getting TanTrump to where it is now. The team from Presidential Games is responsible for such greats as Lincoln’s Night at the Theater, Wild! Wild! Watergate, FDR DDR, and more. Head to the Presidential Games website the incredible and probably true history of Presidential Games!

If you like what you see, you can get the Presidential Games Catalogue of Puzzles and Games, with all new president-themed creations by some of the most talented designers. You can also get a copy of the very rare Cards Against Humanity Saves America pack and books like The Ghastlytrump Tinies and Game Theory in the Age of Chaos. If you really like what you see, you can help us build a life-size TanTrump!

Presidential Memes

With all this great White House staffer art from Len Peralta, we just had to find another use for it to go along with TanTrump. Since Trump and his staff are already so meme-worthy, we decided to drop all the art in a meme generator and let you make your own! Here’s an example:

Just hit the link and create all the memes you want using our White House staff! Create Your Own TanTrump Memes!

That’s just a taste of what you can expect from TanTrump and the Basket of Adorables team. If you want to see more and back the project, hit this link to check out TanTrump on Kickstarter. As always, thanks much for playing and taking an interest in the games we make – we couldn’t do this without all of you. Until we see you again to talk about Lone Shark’s games, have fun and good gaming!

-The Sharks