New Humblestarter Kickbundle!

This month brings us our first ever (and possibly only) KickHumbleStarterBundle! That’s a mouthful, but we promise, it’s worth it. Following Kickstarter’s request to break Kickstarter, we combined three of our favorite things—Kickstarter, Humble Bundle, and puzzles. And man, look at that totally not official logo – it’s like Christmas for puzzles! We’re bringing you not one but two opportunities to get your hands on the best puzzles and puzzlemaking content, while making the world a better place in two different ways.

Puzzlecraft Goes to School Kickstarter

For the Kickstarter side of our Starthumble Bundlekicker, we’re focusing on getting a physical copy of the new and updated Puzzlecraft and the upcoming Puzzlecraft Workbook into your hands, and into schools and libraries across the United States. The brand-new Puzzlecraft Workbook provides lessons and review questions for each section of Puzzlecraft to ensure you’ve absorbed every drop of puzzle creation knowledge. Making puzzles is super fun, but creating them also teaches valuable skills such as complex problem solving, logical reasoning, pattern recognition, research techniques, and so much more. Getting Puzzlecraft into schools will give students a valuable and entertaining new resource to grow these skills and we’re super-excited to work with you to make it happen!

The Humble Book Bundle: Puzzles & Puzzle Games

And on the Humble Bundle Side of our Stickbundle Karthumbler, we have a veritable plethora of puzzles and puzzle games! This bundle is our puzzliest bundle ever. It contains PDFs and print and plays of Lone Shark Games’s puzzle books and party puzzle games, featuring trivia, wordplay, logic, and crosswords. Products include The Maze of Games, the brand-new edition of Puzzlecraft: How to Make Every Kind of Puzzle, and the puzzle-packed Apocrypha Adventure Card Game.

That’s right Apocrypha fans and puzzlers alike, we have an as of yet unsolved mega-puzzle hidden in the depths of this apocalyptic world. The huge metapuzzle hidden can be found within the cards and stories of Apocrypha and all its expansions, and this bundle includes everything you need to uncover and solve it, including the Steganographer’s Guide. The guide points you in the right direction to uncover the and unravel the puzzles without veering into full hints, and offers you a place to record your answers and clues.

The bundle is filled with over thirty books, puzzles, and games, and we continue our education theme with all bundle purchases supporting Maker Education Initiative and Khan Academy!

Don’t Miss the Crossover Bonus!

Of course, if you back the Kickstarter and pay what you want for the Humble Bundle, we have a little extra for you. If you back the Puzzles and Puzzle Games bundle, you’ll get the first half of a special code. If you back the Puzzlecraft campaign, you can get the second half—and then you’ll have all you need to get a special collection of giant crossword puzzles by puzzlemaster Mike Selinker. Backing any level of both parts of the Huddlestacker Bobblekrunch will get you access to the codes and the giant crosswords, so don’t wait – check out both the Humble Bundle and Kickstarter now!