New Puzzlepacks by Mike Selinker

You may have seen the recent news that after 15 years, our founder Mike Selinker stepped down as president to focus on the creation of more fun stuff for Lone Shark. As part of that, Mike has been working on some puzzles! As part of our new series called Puzzlepacks, below you’ll find a kind of puzzle called a Rows Garden that Mike made as part of a tribute series to his puzzlemaker friend Patrick Berry. If you like it and want to see more, you can buy a brand new packet of Mike’s Rows Gardens from the Lone Shark Games store. Plus, Mike has also made a second new puzzlepack of Marching Bands puzzles in honor of crossword legend Mike Shenk. Be among the first to solve them! Just click here or the link below and get these brand new puzzles right now.

Your Sample Rows Garden

Words fit into this flower garden in two ways. Row answers read horizontally from the lettered markers; each Row contains two consecutive answers reading left to right (except rows A and L, which contain one answer reading across the nine protruding spaces). Blooms are six-letter words or phrases that fill the colored hexagons, reading either clockwise or counterclockwise. Bloom clues are divided into three lists, Light, Medium, and Dark; answers from each list should be placed only in the appropriately colored hexagons. All three Bloom lists are in random order, so you must use the Row answers to figure out where to plant each Bloom.


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