May Frenzy: 50% Off Thornwatch & The Dark of the Wood

The darkness and ebb-infused monstrosities of the Eyrewood continue to spread and threaten the denizens of the forest, both villager and beast alike. It’s time we give some aid to the Thornwatch and those they protect.

Starting May 30th, we’re offering Thornwatch and The Dark of the Wood bundled together for 50% off the original price. For those of you who already have Thornwatch, we’re also offering The Dark of the Wood alone for 50% off. We only have a limited number of both the bundle and the expansion at these discounted prices: 30 of each to be precise. This sale ends on June 6th or when we run out, whichever comes first, so buy yours before they disappear completely.

For those of you new to the Eyrewood, Thornwatch is a hybrid board game/roleplaying game set deep in the Eyrewood, a magical forest that covers all the land, filled with mystical creatures, ancient spirits, the common folk dwelling in their towns, and the darkness that would corrupt them all. All of this is illustrated in the beautiful style created by Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik for The Eyrewood webcomics. Hit the buy button below to learn more and pick up your copy today!

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