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April Frenzy – The Ninth World, Playmap, and Promos

Welcome to Lone Shark Games first Frenzy! Every month we’ll have a sale that starts with our monthly subscriber mail, and ends at noon Pacific time on the Friday of the same week, or until we run out, whichever comes first. Everyone on the mailing list has an extra day to take advantage of the Frenzy, so don’t forget to sign up. Since this is our first Frenzy, we’re giving you until Monday to buy your Ninth World Frenzy bundle.

Need a quick vacation to an exotic location? If you don’t mind traveling a few millennia into the future, we’ve got you covered. Step forward a billion years with The Ninth World and experience Monte Cooks Games’s world of Numenera in this new skillbuilding game. The game takes about 30 minutes and uses an innovative blending of technology tree advancement, bidding, and deck building. Use your skill cards to explore the wilderness, uncover and use cryptic artifacts, fight strange and incredible monsters, and grow your power each turn to become the best adventurer at the table. Or play cooperatively with your friends and combine your skills to stop the creatures of the wilderness from destroying your town.

If you’re going on a trip to the future, you’re gonna need a map. The Ninth World Playmap in this case. One side is a gorgeous map of the Steadfast, allowing players to track their progression through all the adventures in the base set. On the other is a playmat with spaces for all the card decks. The playmap is also a great resource when playing the Numenera RPG and exploring the Steadfast.

Until Monday at noon Pacific time (or earlier if we run out) you can get The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera, the Playmap, and all promo cards for the Frenzy price of $49.95!

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