Celebrate Pi Day With Our New Maze Of Games Kickstarter!

You heard about it first here less than 48 hours ago, and now it’s live – The Maze of Games Omnibus and Escape Room Experience Kickstarter! That’s a lot of words, but what it boils down to is we have everything we’ve ever made for The Maze of Games here for you in one spot, including three new additions: The Theseus Guide to the Final Maze Audiobook, The Gatekeeper’s Variety Hour, and The Keymaster’s Tome, along with tickets and discounts for the Maze of Games Escape Room that opens today. If you’re completely new to The Maze of Games and want to know more, keep reading – we have a section below just for you.

You can see the details on the new products and escape room below, or you can just hit the big blue button and head directly to the Kickstarter. Either way, we need your help to save Mike and Gaby from the Gatekeeper’s clutches and bring all these Maze of Games goodies to everyone. So have fun digging into the puzzles we’ll provide over the next couple weeks and share the news and excitement with your friends! 

The Maze of Games is a puzzle novel Mike had trapped in his head for 18 years prior to 2013, when we took the unique book to Kickstarter. It’s the story of two British children from 1897, Colleen and Samuel Quaice, who get trapped in a series of increasingly deadly mazes by a skeletal guardian called the Gatekeeper. What makes the book unique—other than its strange story and dynamic art by Magic: The Gathering artist Pete Venters—is that the pages are in the wrong order.

You must solve the puzzles and restore the narrative in order to help the children escape the maze. A 40-page section called the Conundrucopia features all of the best modern-day puzzlemakers writing puzzles in the style of the 1890s. It’s cool.

Some of the sights in the Maze of Games escape room. This image is spoiler-free and not used in any puzzles in this campaign.

For years, we’ve imagined a live experience where you get thrown into the Gatekeeper’s maze and have to solve your way out. We knew of only one team who could bring this vision to life: downtown Seattle’s Epic Team Adventures. Our friends at ETA have made some of our favorite rooms: the film noir-themed The Sparrow Files, the Poe-inspired The Raven and the Red Death, and many more. ETA’s team includes some of the Maze’s biggest fans, and so we collaborated with them to make The Maze of Games Escape Rooms.

ETA concocted an adventurous plan to make four rooms in the same space, all themed around authors trapped in the maze. Gaby and Mike worked with ETA designers Rich Rowan and Jesse McGatha to craft these escape rooms, and we got our Gatekeeper Wil Wheaton to narrate the whole thing. It’s a tremendously cool experience that you can see in the video above.

The Gatekeeper has a special message just for you.

All reward levels of this Kickstarter campaign include a discount code good for $35 off the cost of a full room booking of The Maze of Games Escape Room at Epic Team Adventures. For those who just want to buy it all now, look at the level called Everything Maze Plus A Full Room, which lets you pledge for an entire room plus all the physical and digital rewards.

The Keymaster’s Tome mockup cover (not final art). Designed by Skylar Woodies with handwriting by Gaby and Mike.

The Keymaster’s Tome is a new physical book made for this Kickstarter, available in both printed and PDF form. People have been asking us since the dawn of this project when we were going to have a Keymaster to go with our GatekeeperThe Theseus Guide to the Final Maze was the closest we could get to an answer booklet without divulging the Maze’s secrets to everyone, and it was fun to add more puzzles too. But just this past month, a group of puzzle solvers finished the final puzzle in The Maze of Games. With that done, we felt that the time was right for an answer book, so Mike and Gaby hand-crafted The Keymaster’s Tome, a version of The Maze of Games puzzles (not the story) with answers, conversations, and tidbits hand-written in the margins by the Quaice siblings as they make their way through the maze

We’re introducing two new audio products as part of this campaign. First, The Theseus Guide to the Final Maze now has its own audiobook, which adds a new chapter to the existing one for The Maze of Games. Both star Wil Wheaton doing all the voices.

The second audio project is The Gatekeeper’s Variety Hour (originally named The Audiophonic Conundrucopia), a radio show hosted by Wil alongside us and our puzzlemaker and musician friends Kid Beyond, Molly Lewis, Austin Wintory, Francis Heaney, Eric Chaikin, Greg Pliska, and Wil Zambole. It’s easy to turn it on. You must solve the puzzles to turn it off

Oh, right, we nearly forgot. Gaby and Mike are trapped in the Maze of Games escape room for the entire length of this campaign. We’d go and let them out, but it’s more fun to let you figure out how to free them. We’re going to give you daily puzzles of several types, all of which combine to figure out how to get them out. It’ll all end in a final campaign-end livestream, but before we get there, you better get cracking on these puzzles. We even have several badges for you to earn along the way to show off your puzzle-solving skills. Hit the blue button below to head to the Kickstarter, learn about all the puzzles we’re doing, and start on that first video puzzle!

One of the puzzle series kicks off today, at Emerald City Comic Con. Stop by booth 1100 and pick up the puzzle card from the Gatekeeper. This puzzle series continues at the JoCo Cruise, the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, and PAX East in the coming weeks, so keep an eye open for those as well. 

Every person who backs, every puzzle you solve, and everyone who shares the Kickstarter on Twitter, Facebook, or your preferred social media space gets us one step closer to freeing Gaby and Mike. However you decide to help, we appreciate it and we’ll see you in the Maze!