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Close Out 2018 With a Game

Close Out 2018 With a Game

2018 has been a busy year here at Lone Shark Games and we couldn’t be happier with everything we’ve been able to accomplish with your help. We completed and delivered Thornwatch, The Dark of the Wood, and The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera over the summer. The FleshThe Devil, and The Book of the Hybrids expansions for Apocrypha are finished and out in the world now. We visited with you all at PAX East, Origins, Gen Con, PAX West, PAX Unplugged, and more. We ran a Humble Book Bundle in which we previewed our new book Puzzlecraft and the Basket of Adorables book Game Theory in the Age of Chaos, as well as an upcoming revamp of The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design. We’ve worked with some great teams like AWS, Penny Arcade, Monte Cook Games, and a host of other awesome people. Closing out a year that contained that much incredible is going to be difficult, but we’ll do our best to describe it all.

Apocrypha Adventure Card Game

As we mentioned above, The Flesh and The Devil expansions for Apocrypha are available at local retailers and our online store. That’s right, you can buy The Flesh and The Devil right now. We also bundled up all our Apocrypha goodies in complete bundles with each of the expansions and offered them up at a discount. Those bundles are still up on the site, ready for you to gather with your friends, become saints and fight back the hordes trying to bring about one apocalypse or another.

Look at these Master’s Edition Boxes!

As we close out the year, one of the special projects that keep us busy is finishing up and delivering the Apocrypha Master’s Edition Boxes. As of writing this, we have all the boxes from Broken Token. A team of our Sharks are hard at work staining and assembling them to send out to the backers. What you see in the picture is a work in progress. Once they’re all done, we’ll have more about them to share. 

Game Theory in the Age of Chaos goes to Washington

While this isn’t a Lone Shark project, we have to mention the Kickstarter that Mike and the Basket of Adorables team are running: Game Theory in the Age of Chaos goes to Washington. Mike, developer Gaby Weidling, and mathematician Richard Malena-Webber of the site Atomic Game Theory put together this book of collected essays, accompanied by explanations of game theory at work. The Kickstarter project is all about getting a copy of this book to every Democratic congressperson, along with a copy for each person who backs, in 2019. If this sounds like your cup of tea, head over to Kickstarter and check it out.

For an example of this, Mike has been writing about games and game theory and how that applies to the real world and the government. In the latest article on Medium, Mike talks about how politics and governing can be, or have become like a Legacy game. It’s a fun read with some of his usual insights, and hey, we get to learn more about Legacy games and the world.

2018 has been so much more than we can fit in one update. It’s been a ride and we’re glad you joined us for it. Let’s all close out the year playing games with friends and planning on how we can do more of that in 2019. Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you all next year!

-The Sharks

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