Thornwatch preorders, streaming, and website launch

Thornwatch and its expansion The Dark of the Wood will hit store shelves on July 31st. We have a lot planned for you in the meantime, starting with the new Eyrewood Adventures community site, available now, and a Penny Arcade live stream that kicks off today at 2 PM Pacific.

Preorders open today on the Lone Shark shop. These will begin shipping in the United States and Canada on July 31st. You can also order from the Penny Arcade store!

Thornwatch Core Set
Accept the call of the Eyrewood and become one of the Thornwatch, spirits bound to protect the ordinary citizens from the terrors of the forest. As the Blade, Greenheart, Guard, Sage, or Warden, it’s up to you to save the day.

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The Dark of the Wood
Summon five new members of the Thornwatch. and all that comes with them. This set adds the Briarlock, the Dark Courier, the Unsundered, the Weave-Weald, and the Woldsen, all with new powers and gruesome complications.

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Penny Arcade Plays Thornwatch Live

Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik—the co-creator of the Eyrewood—will be running a live Thornwatch game this afternoon, Tuesday July 10th, at 2 PM PT. The members of the PA crew stepping up to be the Thornwatch are Jerry Holkins, Elyssa Grant, Dabe Alan, and Ryan Hartman. Join us and crack wise in chat at

Share Your Adventures in the Eyrewood

We received a missive from The Judge of Stars and were bidden to share it with you. So here it is:

All is not well in the Eyrewood. But you are the bravest and most tenacious of the village, and so you shall be armed with the weapons of the Wood. No, not knives and stones. Here, there is music, artisanship, and storytelling. A true denizen of the Eyrewood knows that the most powerful weapon is Hope.

Visit the Eyrewood at and submit your own stories, art, songs, and more to shine light on the life of the wood. We will begin with a smattering of content in many categories, and add more as the countdown toward launch progresses.

This gallery is composed of many things which you and those like you can submit for judgment. The categories are:

  • Art—paintings, sculptures, creations of any medium.
  • Cosplay—person and animals in the garb of the Wood.
  • Gameplay—storyboards, gameplay mods, and other tools of the table.
  • Knots—tied accoutrements that may give enhancements to heroes.
  • Music—audio and video of pastoral songs and melodies.
  • Poetry—written lyricisms to melt the heart.
  • Stories—thrilling tales of adventure and suffering.

You shall also see official words and works from us. These are of these types:

  • Pronouncements—bold statements which bring illumination to these dark woods.
  • Judgments—answers to the questions you proffer before our pantheon.
  • Resources—vital documents delivered from us unto you.

We have already disgorged the Core Set rulebookThe Dark of the Wood rulebook, and our first FAQ, which contains two slightly revised storyboards. We shall put a demo script on the vine before the ebb fades on the summer trees.

Play Thornwatch at Gen Con and Win a Copy

Want to join us for a few games of Thornwatch when we launch it at Gen Con? Head to this site when logged in to your Gen Con account and you’ll see over a dozen Play-and-Win events where one player will win a copy of Thornwatch. You’ll get a great gaming experience and maybe you’ll pick up a game on us.

Whew! Lots of Thornwatch stuff today. As we say in the Eyrewood, may we die in the forest!

The Sharks

P.S. We thought you might like this cartoon from Thornwatch co-creator Mike Krahulik.