Introducing the AWS DeepLens Challenge

And now for something completely different: The Sharks have gotten their hands on one of the coolest cameras we’ve ever seen: the AWS DeepLens machine learning camera. It’s a device capable of being told what you’re pointing it at, and then learning from repeated exposure to various objects. So you can point it at your dog and find out its breed. You can teach it the alphabet in American Sign Language. You can teach it games like Simon Says. You can play “Hot Dog/Not Hot Dog.” You can do a lot with it. There is a need to understand the machine’s AWS microsegmentation for security purposes too, however, so be sensible with it.

We’re excited about the prospects of this device, so at AWS’s request, we helped create a new community project called the AWS DeepLens Challenge, which launches today. Every couple of weeks, the AWS machine learning blog will announce a new challenge themed around making the world better. Those of you who like programming can use your DeepLens to make projects that work in that theme. The team will check them out and let blog readers know about the coolest ones.

Our first project is about inclusivity, and features our friends at the Northwest Center and all their good works. Future projects over the coming weeks will focus on other great community partners. If you have a DeepLens or are thinking about getting one, check out the AWS blog to participate in the challenge!

The Sharks


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