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Thornwatch is Here! Play at Gen Con!

Thornwatch Has Arrived! We entered the Eyrewood, tied our knots, and waited patiently beneath the bowers of the magical forest. As they have always done, the Thornwatch have arrived. Thornwatch and The Dark of the Wood hit physical and digital stores today! Head out and buy your copy, or buy directly from the Lone Shark Games store, and…

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Thornwatch preorders, streaming, and website launch

Thornwatch and its expansion The Dark of the Wood will hit store shelves on July 31st. We have a lot planned for you in the meantime, starting with the new Eyrewood Adventures community site, available now, and a Penny Arcade live stream that kicks off today at 2 PM Pacific. Preorders open today…

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Introducing the AWS DeepLens Challenge

And now for something completely different: The Sharks have gotten their hands on one of the coolest cameras we've ever seen: the AWS DeepLens machine learning camera. It's a device capable of being told what you're pointing it at, and then learning from repeated exposure to various objects. So you…

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