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Happy Halloween from Lone Shark!

Happy Halloween from Lone Shark!

Happy Halloween from your friends at Lone Shark! For this most hallowed of holidays, we’ve put the following temporal mutation up on our Apocrypha ℵ1 Companion App, which is available for free on iTunesGoogle Play, and the Amazon App Store.

If you haven’t downloaded the app, we encourage you to do so! It’s got lots of cool features: a full card gallery, the ability to build saints and assign them to play groups with other players, a quick reference guide, and daily modifications to your gameplay. The latter, called “Temporal Mutations,” means that on one day you might get a bonus fighting lycanthropes, while on another the cost of playing Holy gifts is lowered by 1. Each one is tied to a holiday, concept, or other special event we find entertaining. You probably know that tomorrow is the delightfully appropriate All Saints’ Day; you probably don’t know that the day after is Marie Antoinette’s Birthday.

But back to today. We’re putting together the rulebook for The Devil, our third box in the Revelation Block. And we have some room on the credits page. So we figured that for Halloween, we’d put this offer out there for you. If you film a video of any length of you playing Apocrypha today (in costumes or otherwise) and put it on the internet, and then tag us on Twitter or Facebook, we’ll put you and your group in the special thanks credits in The DevilThat’s because we like Halloween a lot, and we like you too.

The Ninth World gets some new tricks

We’ve been in discussions with The Ninth World‘s printer for the last couple months. We switched printers from our last game, and that changed a lot about the print job. We think we’ve got it all sorted out now, and printing will begin very soon.

Because we’ve been caught up in a much longer production process than desired, we think your patience should be rewarded. We discovered we had room on the press sheet for two more cards, so we went back into the design lab and cooked up two new promo cards.

During the delay, we got access to MCG’s new book Jade Colossus: Ruins of the Prior Worlds, which wasn’t finalized when we locked down the text for the base set. So we made the new promo cards (one town, one wilderness) based on that awesome book. They’re a bit weird, but we like them a lot.

Ninth World promo cards. Art by Federico Musetti and Raph Lomotan.

Given that we had a few extra weeks before printing began, Liz made some changes to the board which are worth seeing.

She dropped in places to put your five skill card decks, and themed the board to the valor symbol and the color pattern over the course of the game. We like it.

Here’s an updated rulebook for your reading pleasure. We hope this game is finished printing soon and on its way to us, so you can play it too.

Thornwatch’s Dark of the Wood expansion finishes in design

All text, art, and graphic design is complete for The Dark of the Wood now. We’re now in the graphic assembly process (putting text into frames), which should take us considerably less time than it did on the Core Set. 

Here’s the difference between cards in Core and Dark. On the left is a Sage from Core, while on the right is the current version of an Unsundered from Dark.

Sage and Unsundered momentum cards. Illustrations by Mike Krahulik, layout by Liz Spain.

You can see that we’re going for a bit of a darker palette with The Dark of the Wood. It shows up a little bit here too in the heroes’ action cards.

Sage and Briarlock action cards. Layout by Liz Spain and Skylar Woodies from elements by Kiko Villasenor and Mike Krahulik.


Thornwatch Core Set rulebook cover. illustration by Mike Krahulik. Layout by Alex Mayo.

This is a real-close-to-final core rulebook. Many of its graphics need to be updated to their final versions, but the text and art is pretty much how we want it to be. Which is where you come in. It’d be great if you’d download this rulebook and give us feedback. If there’s anything you don’t understand—and especially if you find any typos or other small issues—tell us and we’ll try to do something about it.

Pathfinder goes Ultimate

We’ve been having a lot of fun lately with our character deck series for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. We recently released the Magus Class Deck, the Pathfinder Tales Character Deck, and the two Hell’s Vengeance Character Decks, which let us explore our evil sides.

Next up are the Hunter Class Deck and then two mindbending Occult Adventures Character Decks, which are all about psychic characters. Those will be out in the winter.

Spring brings a new concept from Lone Shark and Paizo. The Ultimate Add-On Decks feature collections of cards that support a particular style of play. Ultimate Combat is about bashing and shooting stuff. Ultimate Magic is about casting spells and brandishing staves. Ultimate Intrigue focuses on allies and trickery. Ultimate Equipment is chock full of strange objects and accessories. And… well, check the Paizo blog on Thursday for another announcement along these lines.

That’s it from Lone Shark HQ this month. Thanks for supporting all our games, and happy Halloween!

Mike and the Sharks

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