Thornwatch Core Set finishes in layout

The Thornwatch Core Set design is coming to a close. Here’s the Twitch video for the Thornwatch Greets the Dawn panel at PAX West. Click the image below.
We brought the house to this panel: Jerry, Chad, Liz, Kiko, Rodney, and three Mikes.

We reveal a ton of stuff in this video, so let me walk you through it.

Here’s Thornwatch



Then we spent a lot of time on what the heroes and Judge get to play with.

Here’s what the heroes have





It’s not just about being heroes, though. There’s some Judging to do.

Here’s what the Judge has






The Judge also has one more big resource.

Here’s what storyboards look like




Those fine works are by Aviv Or, Ben Caldwell, Garrett Hanna, Lar deSouza, and Mike Krahulik.

Plus there’s some other stuff


(Those are still very much in prototype form.)


But talking about the Core Set wasn’t enough.

So we ended with our Dark of the Wood heroes



We hope you like this sneak peek at Thornwatch. More coming soon!

Mike and the Sharks

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