Welcome to Day Zero

It’s August 17, and the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game has launched. The World is now in the hands of nearly all of its US backers, and heading toward its non-US backers. We think it’s time to say something that we’ve been waiting to tell you for a while.

Day Zero is here.

Day Zero is the day the Paradigm cracks. Well, it’s been cracking for a while, ever since the invention of the riding horse. The homing pigeon didn’t help. Similarly the smoke signal, the automobile, the dial-up modem. Anything that spread information faster than disinformation could squelch it was bad for the Paradigm. But this? This is more than the Paradigm can handle.

So today, on Day Zero, we’ll make a number of announcements that will prepare you for the beginning of what might just be the end.

Here is our new main page

Go to lonesharkgames.com/apocrypha to see the new Apocrypha main page. It will continue to populate over the next few weeks, but for now you can see a whole bunch of mission critical files and tools.

Among the files are the rulebook, the Enter Here deck listThe World card list, and a file about the card Contract Poison (see below).

Here is our new web store

If you missed any part of the campaign or just want to pick up some Apocrypha for your friends and family, you can go to our new web store on the Penny Arcade site. You may already be familiar with The Maze of Games and The Theseus Guide to the Final Maze being on that site. Now, you can order these unsettling morsels on our site.

All of those will be sold in limited quantities, so we encourage you to get them while they exist in corporeal form.

And if you order The World box set with us, you will get three promo cards: the saint One and the gifts Monster Truck and Universal Product. Free of charge. For now.

Here is the first of our gameplay videos

We have a bunch more gameplay videos on the way, but here’s the first: the Enter Here deck’s setup video.

This will be followed by Part 2, the Gameplay video for the Enter Here deck; when it finishes uploading, we’ll link it in the Part 1 video. Then we’ll put up an overview gameplay video likely next week some time, and more as we have them.

Here is the Apocrypha Companion App

We got word from our man Lane at Tinkerhouse Games that the Apocrypha ℵ1 Companion App has launched on iTunes for iPhone and iPad, Google Play for Android, and the Amazon App Store.

Every day, there will be a new change to your gameplay. For example, today’s temporal mutation is “GEN CON DAY 1—Mission Win on your first mission today: Slot 1 new fleeting fragment.” Which is cool, but it won’t be there tomorrow. Something different, and possibly stranger, will be there tomorrow.

Caveat: This is a new piece of software, and new pieces of software often have bugs. Candystriper-sized bugs. If you find any please submit a bug report in the app.

Here is our Gen Con booth

If you are here with us in Indianapolis, you can come to the Lone Shark Games booth #2833 and play Apocrypha with us. You can also pick up extras of the games and accessories that are featured on our web store, while our supplies here last.

We’re also debuting our convention promo card, which we will take with us to every convention we go to. Contract Poison is a promo card that is only useful when you have it signed by one of us; it’s completely unfunctional otherwise, other than its boost power.

But when you get it signed by one of the many people who worked on the game, you can use one of its 27 other powers. Yes, I said 27. Here are three, from designers Elisa Teague and Gaby Weidling and editor Aviva Schecterson. There are lots more.

We’re having quite the time demoing the game to people, especially to people who already have a copy waiting for them at home. We’ve seen lots of happy fans, and we know there will be lots more when we get all our non-US backers fulfilled too. Thanks for helping get us to Day Zero. Now all we have to worry about is the apocalypse.

Mike and the Sharks