“Worlds” in flight

Apocrypha: The World is on the way to backers

This is an actual copy of Apocrypha‘s The World base set. Thousands of copies have shown up at our fulfillment sites around the world, and are now in the process of shipping to backers. We’ve designated August 17 as The World‘s launch day.

We have also gotten in all of our accessories. That includes the UltraPRO Apocrypha Soulbinder, the Apocrypha Playmat, and the Boxes of Hope and Doom. It also includes the dice and dice bag for the Master’s Edition. We also have all of our promo cards in (the mission pack will be printed with the chapter boxes) and US fulfillment is in full-swing! As soon as the accessories get to various other ports of call, those will go out too.

The game will also go to game distribution and to our biggest conventions of the year, Gen Con and PAX West. If you are at either of those conventions, please stop by our booth and play areas, and we’ll give you a promo card for Apocrypha.

We also announced a major new part of the Apocrypha line: the Apocrypha ℵ1 Companion App. It’s a gameplay aid for iOS, Android, and (later) Windows and Mac desktop. The app allows you to register a choir of saints, equip them with gifts and fragments, and chronicle their missions through the game’s chapters. There’s also a complete card gallery and rules section. The ℵ1 will also give you daily “temporal mutations” to your game, altering your gameplay in interesting ways on every day of the year. We’re not sure it’ll be approved for launch on August 17, but we’re hoping so.

Here’s a look at the game from Brittanie Boe at Gamewire. She mentions a playthrough video we’re shooting, which will be ready soon after launch. Take a look and see.

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The Ninth World goes to the printer

Here’s some more big news about a different game with “World” in the title. We have finished the layout of our science fantasy game The Ninth World, and have bundled it up for printing. We’re now beginning the process of going back and forth with our printer to finalize the game, with expectations that we’ll see it start to be printed within a month.

Above, you can see what the box looks like. There’s a lot inside this game: a fold-out board, multiple decks of cards in different sizes, tokens, dice, you name it. We’ve spent a lot of time working out the best packaging and coolest look for our venture a billion years into the future.

We’re also making The Ninth World Playmap, a double-sided gameplay aid that has a map of The Steadfast on one side and a playmat on the other.

If you’re not familiar with The Ninth World, you can read the rules of the game here. You’ll get a look at all the components as you flip through the rules. We hope to have word next time on when the game will be done in production and an estimate of when it will follow Apocrypha out to the backers.

Thornwatch‘s base set finishes up in layout

All the design, editing, symbology, and art is now final for the base set of Thornwatch, our fantasy game with Penny Arcade. We’ve got all the cards and trackers laid out, and are now finishing up the map tiles and storyboard layouts. Here’s a very cool cover illustration by Mike Krahulik.

We’re also deep in the creation of the first expansion for the Eyrewood Adventures line: The Dark of the Wood. We’ve created five new character decks for the corrupted Thornwatch such as the Briarlock, Dark Courier, and Weave-Weald. There will be more cards, more storyboards, and more danger.

We’ll be bringing a near-finished version of the Thornwatch base set to PAX West, so please join us there to play it. With Apocrypha‘s base set and The Ninth World out of our hands, Thornwatch is the next big project for our printers. When it’s ready, we’ll have a lot more to say about it.

What we’re doing at Gen Con

With Gen Con just two weeks away, we’re gearing up to go to Indianapolis. We’ll have demos of all these games in our booth, plus full gameplay sessions in the Lone Shark area in Hall C. You can attend any of the dozen panels that our Lone Staff are on, among them the Crafting Horror panel on Friday afternoon and the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game panel on Sunday morning. Or just come find us and get Apocrypha promo cards. We think you will especially like Contract Poison.

Thanks as always for supporting us Sharks!

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