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The Theseus Guide to the Final Maze Is Ready for You

Right now, you can buy The Theseus Guide to the Final Maze, our new chapbook for our interactive puzzle novel The Maze of Games. Yes, right now. We only made a small print run, so if you want it, hop to it.

The new chapter takes place inside the final chapter of the original book. The characters Colleen and Sam are getting ready to deal with the Gatekeeper’s final challenge. There’s no guarantee they’ll make it back to Upper Wolverhampton alive unless you get them out.

So why did we make a book-inside-a-book? First, we love The Maze of Games world, and going back to write text and puzzles for it was a blast. Second, there’s the small matter that no one has solved The Maze of Games’s final maze. Or if they have, they haven’t told us. And we want people to solve it. So we made a hint book that we think you’ll love reading and solving. The whole team is back: author Mike Selinker, developer Gaby Weidling, artist Pete Venters, editor Tanis O’Connor, and graphic designer Elisa Teague. Check out that hot new cover by Pete and Elisa!

The book is $14.95. If you’re going to Emerald City Comicon this weekend, you can buy it in person at the Lone Shark booth (#204). Otherwise, you can have it sent to you from our Penny Arcade store site. If you act now, you can get both The Maze of Games hardback and the Theseus Guide for $59.95.

If you purchased the $15 tier of last summer’s Humble Puzzle Bundle, your download page automatically will update to include the PDF of the book. Otherwise, if you want a PDF, simply purchase the physical book from our Penny Arcade store and you’ll get instructions on how to get a PDF.

We hope you enjoy the Theseus Guide!

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